Museum of Glass

Rynok Sq. 2 (entrance from the side of the Stavropigiyska Street)

Situated in Bandinelli Palace’s basement on the Rynok Square, the Museum of Glass is a part of the Lviv History Museum and features unique exhibits, telling the history of the Galych glass that was notable for its artistic finish and high quality, throughout the history.

Museum’s exposition is divided in two parts: Historical Glass and Contemporary Glass. The first hall houses various glass items, produced by West Ukrainian craftsmen hundreds of years ago: shot glasses, wine glasses, beer mugs, shtoffs, vials, balsamarions. Ancient findings from princely Lviv, Old Russian glass beads, pieces of bracelets, rings and mosaics are also kept there.

Historical division’s most valuable exhibits are glass objects, produced at the princess Izabella Lubomyrska’s glasswork in Korostiv. In the early 19th century, its production was a worthy competitor of the famous Bohemian glass. Lviv museum’s highlight is the gala set, on which princess’ monogram is engraved. It is better to visit the Historical Glass hall with a guided tour.

The second hall is devoted to the contemporary works by Lviv glassblowers. Most of them are true works of art: stained-glass windows, three-dimensional plastic art, furnace glass articles. Local exhibitions are temporary and regularly change, introducing new works by local craftsmen.

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