Museum of Chocolate

Rynok Sq. 6 (Italian yard, 2d floor)

Lviv has been always associated with chocolate: alluring fragrance of this worldwide beloved product seems to float in the air. Since recently, these associations are supported not only by seductive showcases with a bulk of chocolate sweets that can be seen virtually on every street of the Old Town, but also by the first Museum of Chocolate in Ukraine that was opened on the Lviv History Museum’s premises.

It tells the long history of chocolate, introduces methods of its manufacturing and achievements of modern chocolate producers. However, the main attraction is more than fifty unique exhibits made of chocolate: from tiny chocolate figures to the human-size compositions.

The collection of chocolate copies of famous Ukrainian and European architectural works, made on a scale of 1:150, are of special interest. They include the Big Ben and the British Parliament, the Eiffel Tower and the Tower of Pisa, the Roman Coliseum and the famous Lviv buildings: the City Hall, the Opera House, the Latin Cathedral, the Potocki Palace and many others. 16 to 25 kg of chocolate was used, in order to produce each chocolate sculpture.

A tasting room, equipped in accordance with Lviv best traditions, is situated near the exhibition hall. There you can taste different types of chocolate with a cup of coffee and watch the theme video.

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