Tour to Chernobyl

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Volodymyrska str., 7, office 1; Kyiv

Price: 900 uah.
Duration: 1 day

Attention! In order to go to this tour, you have to apply for 5-7 days in advance - this time is needed to process the necessary documentation.

Chernobyl and Prypyat’ are not objects for all tourists. If you visit these places, you will never be the same again. Some time ago on the world’s map appeared Chernobyl and then Sarcophagus – the monument of the human carelessness. It is a story of the largest technological disaster, the spirit of dead city will give you a feeling of a joy life and apocalypse. The exclusion zone atmosphere gives you a clear understanding of price of the human failure.

08:00 Departure by comfortable bus (DVD, conditioner) from the Central Railway Station

On the way to Chernobyl unique archive images and movies about modern Chernobyl and Prypyat’ are demonstrated. Mysterious silence of the abandoned villages and picturesque landscapes impress a lot. But, nevertheless, some of the former habitants came back to native homes and now they live at the exclusion zone.

11.15 Arriving to Chernobyl. Conversation with Ministry of Emergency Situations representatives.

11.30-12.30 – Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant viewing point and viewing pavilion visiting.

13.00-16.30 – History of the pre-catastrophe Prypyat’, time for walking around the city.

The city is waiting for people from all over the world who desire to see unique views from the roof, graffiti on the walls; who are the "S.T.A.L.K.E.R.” game fans, and others. The city is waiting... And just here, at the narrow grown-over streets of such a young and such an old city you can understand the worth of ordinary things you have not appreciated before.

17.30-18.30 The dinner in Chernobyl

21.00-21.30 Arriving to Kyiv, Central Railway Station, Southern terminal.

Important information: External background gamma radiation doesn’t constitute a danger (except of the territory where visitors are not allowed). On 10 km high the power of the gamma radiation exposure dose composes from 200 to 600 micro-roentgens per hour, so radiation dose for one day can be compared to transatlantic flight.


Russian language: 900 UAH

English: 1200/1360* UAH

* If you book less than 2 weeks in advance, the price is 1360 UAH!

Tour is also available for individual groups.

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