Kiev 3 days/2 nights

8,Saperno-Slobodskaya str., Kiev

Price: 1662 uah.
Duration: 3 day

Tour program:

Day 1

Extensive city tour, including visit to St Sophia Cathedral.

Sights you will be able to see:

• St Sophia Cathedral (1037). Excursion is dedicated to the Kievan Rus history during the government of Yaroslav the Wise, when St Sophia Cathedral and the Golden Gates (1037) were built. The museum preserves 260 sq of mosaics and over 3000 sq ft of frescoes of the 11th century.

• “The Vladimir Town” - place, where Prince Vladimir founded and built the first Christian church in Kievan Rus, that was ruined in 1240 during the Tatar - Mongol yoke. You will see the copy of Desyatynna Church foundation, panoramic platform (with the marvelous view on the Lower City – Podol).

• The Golden Gates

•University, Opera Theatre, Khreshchatyk (the main street of Kiev)

•People's Friendship Arch

•Monument to the founders of Kiev

•Vladimir Cathedral.

After the city tour you will have free time. You can spend it in one of the numerous restaurants or wondering along the city streets.

Day 2

The visit to the National Kiev-Pechersk Caves’ MonasteryHistorical and Cultural Reserve. The monastery was set up in the mid XI century A.D. It is one of the most ancient monasteries on the territory of Eastern Slavonic states. During this tour You will visit underground labyrinths of caves with mummies of monks, Museum of Treasuresdisplaying the rich Scythian Gold collection and collection of the Judaic ritual silver objects XVIII-XX c, Museum of Microminiature.

After lunch You will visit the National Museum of World War II. The major exposition is located in 15 rooms covering the area of 5,000 square meters and includes more than 12,000 exhibits. The documents of military commanders and rank-and-file participants of the war; valuable collections of orders, medals and arms; unique things and documents of Nazi-occupation and liberation period attract the attention of numerous visitors of the Memorial. On the territory of the museum there is a large exposition of military equipment of Soviet epoch.

Day 3

In the morning we offer you to visit the Museum of Folk Architecture and Life Pirohovo. While visiting museum, you can deepen in the world where Ukrainian people used to live. You will examine Ukrainian huts, windmills and other buildings of 16-20 century. The museum has a rich collection of housewares, tools, Ukrainian national dress, folk and decorative art.

After the lunch you will go to the one of the oldest city streets – Andrew’s descent. The street connected administrative part of the Upper Town with Podol (Lower Town of merchants and artisans).

This steep, winding stone street is a traditional place for all kinds of events in the open air; here you will find lots of interesting art galleries and shops, Richard Castle.

St. Andrew's Descent is like a cultural center of Kiev citizens: Bulgakov lived here, Nikolai Gogol enjoyed strolling. Being in the heart of the community of Kiev artists, St. Andrew's Descent is a favorite stop for tourists, because here you can find the best products of Ukrainian folk art and real works of art. Travelers come here to visit the art galleries, shops and studios. Be assured that you will leave this place with pleasant emotions and good gifts.

Price depends on quantity of people in the group and the language of it.

Russian, Ukrainian, English languages:

2 pax: 3 * Hotel - 2460 UAH per pax. 4* Hotel - 2793 UAH per pax.

4 pax: 3 * Hotel - 1662 UAH per pax. 4* Hotel - 1995 UAH per pax.

6 pax: 3 * Hotel - 1458 UAH per pax. 4* Hotel - 1791 UAH per pax.

8 pax: 3 * Hotel - 1247 UAH per pax. 4* Hotel - 1580 UAH per pax.

10 pax: 3 * Hotel - 1120 UAH per pax. 4* Hotel – 1453 UAH per pax.

12 pax: 3 * Hotel - 1035 UAH per pax. 4* Hotel – 1368 UAH per pax.

14 pax: 3 * Hotel - 975 UAH per pax. 4* Hotel - 1308 per pax.

Excursions on other languages are upon request.

Price is indicated per tour per 1 person for accommodation in double room.

Accommodation in single room is upon request.

Tour price includes: transport and guide services on the route, hotel accommodation (two nights).

Entrance tickets are additionally charged.

Entrance fee to Sophia of Kiev – 53 UAH per person.

Entrance fee to the Pirohovo museum – 40 UAH per person.

Entrance fee to Lavra – 50 UAH per person.

*Excursion are possible every day, except Wednesday, Tuesday, Sunday and religious fests.

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