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Odesa - Vilkovo - Mykolaiv - Kherson - Askania-Nova

The southern region is traditionally associated with golden beaches and azure sea: no wonder that the majority of tourists come here for beachfront and health-improving recreation. However, Ukraine's South is also worth visiting for its unique natural reserves and very interesting historical and architectural sights.

The brightest gem of Ukraine's Southern region is Odesa - country's most picturesque and multi-cultural town. It is from here that you should start a mini-tour around seaside territories. Odesa attracts not only with numerous sanatoriums and curing springs, but with splendid architecture, fantastic panoramas and fanciful monuments. Stroll through historical center, drink a cup of coffee in an original cafe on Deribasovskaya Street, admire glorious Opera Theater and talk to Odesa residents, who will surprise you with inimitable sense of humor.

You may diversify a beachfront-cognitive recreation and make a day's tour to Vilkovo - the unique town located at the picturesque place, where the Danube flows into the Black Sea. Thanks to numerous canals that occupy virtually the half of town's territory, Vilkovo is nicknamed Ukrainian Venice. It is worth going out boating on local 'gondolas', admiring charming man-made islands, gulfs and backwaters, as well as tasting wine 'novak' made of the namesake grade of grapes.

Then, head for Mykolaiv by bus. Discover why it's called the City of Brides, visit Mykolaiv's Naval Astronomic Observatory (one of the oldest in the Black Sea region) and the Museum of Shipbuilding and Fleet, that keeps over 3000 exhibits, describing the history of the Black Sea fleet. Afterwards travel to Kherson - one of South Ukraine' greenest towns. Stroll though its historical center that has preserved the 19th century's look, and then devote some time to discovering Kherson's neighborhood, where unique natural riches are gathered.

One of them is the Biosphere Reserve ‘Askania-Nova’. It reckons among the oldest and the biggest reserves in Europe. This is a wonderful island of primeval nature, where many rare animal species live and exotic plants grow. The best way to admire them is to go for automobile or horse photo-safari.

If you travel in summer, you may wrap up your trip by returning to Odesa and devoting yourself to its golden beaches and the Black Sea freshness.