Under South's Sun • Southern
Under South's Sun
Under South's Sun • Southern
Odesa - Vilkovo - Mykolaiv - Kherson - Askania-Nova The southern region is traditionally associated with golden beaches and azure sea: no wonder that the majority of tourists come here for beachfront and health-improving recreation. However, Ukraine's South is also worth visiting for its unique natural reserves and very interesting historical and architectural sights. The brightest gem of Ukraine'

Odesa in One Day • Odesa
Odesa in One Day
Odesa in One Day • Odesa
Besides offering a lot of places of interest, Odesa is an extremely comfortable for sightseeing tours chiefly because its most bustling attractions are located next to each other. It’s better to start to know the Southern Palmyra from the very center of the city. First of all, head for one of the Odesa architectural treasuries, Opera House. By the way, the locals gave the opera house the nickname

Odesa in Two Days
Dedicate the first day to the itinerary of the tour “Odesa in One Day.” The best starting point for the second day in Odesa is the Opera House. Walk along Ekaterinska Street until you reach the namesake square, in the middle of which the monument to Russian Empress, Catherine II stands. Then head towards Sabaneev Most Street. Have a look at the Palace of Tolstoy Family, commonly known as the House

Odesa in Four Days
The first two days dedicate to the itinerary of the tour “Odesa in Two Days”. For the third day in the Southern Palmyra, arrange seeing the famous Privoz Market. Local residents state that Odesa starts from Privoz, the largest and the most famous food market in Ukraine. The Privoz Market is more than a simple bazaar; it is live attraction where one can feel the real vibe of the colorful maritime c

Odesa in Six Days
The first four days dedicate to the itinerary of the tour “Odesa in Four Days”. Upon learning the Southern Palmyra, dedicate the next two days to Odesa suburbs that boast lots of interesting historical and natural sights. The best way to start the fifth day is to set out to town Bilhorod-Dnistrovskyi, located some 50 km from Odesa. It is considered to be the oldest town in Ukraine. Along with Rome