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Dedicate the first day to the itinerary of the tour ‘Lviv in One Day’.

Set out the next day from the city main street Svobody Avenue. Lviv’s major arterial street, being its business and cultural center, is notable for inimitable atmosphere and matchless architecture. If the weather allows, stroll along the 350-meter long avenue and see original, dated to the late 19th – early 20th century, buildings that stand at the street.

Tourists who are interested in Ukrainian culture may want to visit the National Museum, located on the avenue. It features one of the richest visual arts collections in the country. Otherwise, you may just admire museum’s elegant building and proceed with your tour. There is another attractive building nearby: former Galych Credit Fund and now the Museum of Ethnography and Arts Crafts. In addition, it is worth paying attention to the Grand Hotel’s luxurious building with richly decorated facade. Opposite to it, you will find one of the Svobody Avenue’s most noticeable sights – the unusual monument to Taras Shevchenko with 12-meter high bronze stele ‘Wave of National Renaissance.’

Having reached the end of the Avenue, you will find yourself on the small Adama Mitskevicha Square, in whose center the monument to the famous Polish poet stands. Here you can see unconventional eclectic buildings, adjoined to the square, and visit the unique Museum Restaurant ‘Salo’ devoted to Ukrainians’ favorite product.

From Mitskevicha Square turn to the Kopernika Street, which shelters one of the Lviv’s most interesting and beautiful architectural monuments, Potocki Palace, whose amazing shape is reminiscent of French classical castles. If you have time, it is worth sneaking a look inside, in order to admire ancient interiors and famous European artists’ painted canvases, which are a part of Lviv Art Gallery’s exposition. The Gallery itself is situated on the neighboring Stefanika Street and is recognized as the largest art museum in Ukraine. You have a chance to see the Park of Fortifications in Miniature, situated in Potocki Palace’s courtyard. There you will find tiny models of the most powerful defensive facilities that stood on the Kyivan Rus territory hundreds of years ago.

Then, walk through the Franko Park to one of the most famous and token cultic buildings in Lviv – the St. Jura Cathedral standing on the High Castle. After seeing temple’s magnificent architecture, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, follow the Gorodotskogo Street towards Lviv’s another amazing shrine – the St. Elizabeth Catholic Church, whose elegant neo-Gothic building stands next to the train station. This temple, having unique architecture and tough history, is one of the city’s many trademarks.

You can follow up your tour by returning to the city center or continuing the promenade through the labyrinth of Lviv’s ancient streets.

Svobody Avenue
Andrey Sheptytsky National Museum
Galych Credit Fund (Museum of Ethnography and Arts Crafts)
Grand Hotel
Museum Restaurant 'Salo'
Potocki Palace
Lviv Art Gallery (Picture Gallery)
The Park of Fortifications in Miniature
St. George's Cathedral
Church of St. Elizabeth (Church of Sts. Olha and Elizabeth)