Zhytomyr Music Drama Theater

Sobornaya Sq. 6

Box office hours: from 11 a.m. to 7.30 p.m.
Capacity: 925

Since early times Zhytomyr was famous for its theatrical traditions. Thus, back in the 18th century the public of the town raised the question of building a full-blown theater. In this way, already in 1809 the first stationary troupe appeared in the town. And in 1858 the first stone theater in Ukraine was built here. Even today it remains one of the main decorations of Zhytomyr. There is a Philharmonic Society in its building now.

Music Drama Theater appeared in the town, right after it was liberated from fascist invaders in 1944. And in 1966 the creative team of the theater moved to the new building on the central square of the town.

The modern repertoire of the theater is pretty diverse and includes dramas, comedies, tragedies, operettas, vaudevilles, melodramas, fairy-tales for children, and innovatory and experimental performances. Among the most well-known plays, "After Two Hares", "King of Waltz", "The Marriage of Figaro" are worth mentioning, as well as many other works of Ukrainian and foreign authors.

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