Situated on three rocky hills and surrounded by ancient forests, Zhytomyr is considered to be the gem of Polesia. This old city with a boisterous history, interesting landmarks and unique landscapes attracts more and more travelers each year. Some of

To visit Chernihiv - one of the most ancient and beautiful cities of Ukraine - is just the same as making an exciting journey back through time. This amazing city, which used to be the second capital of Kyivan Rus, is well known today outside the cou

Novhorod-Siversky, nestled on the bank of the Desna River and on the territory of the picturesque Ukrainian Polesye, seems unremarkable at first sight. In reality, this calm town - one of the oldest in Ukraine - keeps numerous artifacts of Old Russia

Strolling through the quite provincial town Berdychiv, it is hard to believe that it used to be a large cultural and economic center. A long time ago, it was called the 'town-fortress' and 'Volyn's Jerusalem.’ Only the majestic, ancient buildings, st

The small town Uman is situated in the center of Ukraine – between Kyiv and Odesa. While it does not have an extensive history or extremely unique landmarks, over half a million tourists come here every year. Why? They all wish to catch a glimpse of

Ancient Vinnytsia, a pearl hidden among the golden wheat and sunflower fields, is one of the most beautiful and cultivated cities of Podolia. The secret to its charm lies in the combination of luxurious nature, plethora of historical monuments, and u

No epithet is able to describe fully the splendor of this ancient city, which no other city can match, even in Europe. Founded on an island, which was created by the Smotrych River bend, Kamianets-Podilskyi has a history, which has formed its diverse

Kirovograd, located in the heart of Ukraine, is an important industrial and cultural center of the country. This calm and comfortable city, where significant historical events used to happen daily, attracts with a unique charm, distinctive architectu