National Theater of Russian Drama
In the very center of Kyiv, within a few steps of Kreshchatik Street and not far from the Golden Gates, shelters the well-known Theater of Russian Drama, which was founded in 1891 and is considered to be the first stationary theater of the Ukrainian capital. The theater quickly won love and respect of the audience, mainly due to striking and original individuals in its creative team. Their unique

National Drama Theater
Ivan Franko National Academic Drama Theater - one of the best theaters in Ukraine - was founded in 1920, and its building was ready back in 1898. It is explained by the fact that the troupe of the theater arouse in Vinnytsia and, after numerous removals, finally settled in the capital of Ukraine. "Forest Song" after Lesya Ukrainka's work of the same name, "The Inspector General" by N. Gogol, "Sain

Kyivan Puppet Show
Kyivan puppet show is the oldest puppet show in Ukraine founded in 1927. In 2005 the theater moved in the new magnificent building, which is reminiscent of a fairy-tale palace from both inside and outside. Moreover, there is a park in form of children's town on the territory by the theater, where sculptures of fairy-tale heroes, fountain, flower beds, etc. are presented. There are two halls in the
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