Money Museum of National Bank of Ukraine
First opened in 2004, the Money Museum of National Bank of Ukraine is rightly considered to be one of the most interesting and thoughtfully developed in Kyiv. Located in the very heart of the capital, it is set in the elegant building constructed in Italian Renaissance style in early 20th century. Its large-scale expositions tell about the cash means that was in use at Ukrainian territory in diffe

Kyiv Fortress • Kyiv
Kyiv Fortress
Kyiv Fortress • Kyiv
The Kyiv Fortress is one of the most important and interesting military monuments in the Ukrainian capital, well-known far beyond the country’s borders. It is the largest earthen fortress in Europe and the second largest earthen fortress in the world. The museum exhibitions housed there and the fortification complex itself are among the most visited places of interest in Kyiv – every year it welco

NSC "Olimpiyskiy"
Located in the very heart of Kyiv, the National Sports Complex "Olimpiyskiy" is the main arena of Ukraine and one of the biggest stadia in Europe. After hosting the final match, in particular, and Euro-2012, in general, the renovated venue became one of the most emblematic sights of the Ukrainian capital. Currently, the multifaceted arena holds both top football and athletic competitions, as well

Aviation Museum • Kyiv
Aviation Museum
Aviation Museum • Kyiv
Situated next to Zhulyany Airport (Kyiv), the Aviation Museum is one of the largest museums in the capital and is reckoned among the largest historical and technical museums of Ukraine. At its opening in 2003, museum’s exposition numbered thirty aircrafts, and now more than seventy exhibits – helicopters, planes, as well as samples of aircraft armory, unmanned aircrafts and engines – can be seen o

Mamajeva Sloboda
The outdoor museum of architecture and life Mamajeva Sloboda is situated not far from the city center, near one of capital’s picturesque parks. It is an authentic cultural complex that reproduces Cossack settlement of 17th – 18th century. Not only original architectural buildings of Cossack age, but also inimitable atmosphere and spirit of that time were recreated there. The culture and entertainm

Culture and History Center ‘Park Kyivan Rus’
Spread out in Kyiv’s picturesque surroundings, the Culture and History Center ‘Park Kyivan Rus’ is a unique project in its nature and scale that has no analogues in Ukraine and even in Europe. It recreates architectural appearance and atmosphere of princely Kyiv with amazing accuracy, taking visitors on a time travel to the Middle Ages and bringing them in the very heart of one of the most influen

St. Cyril's Church
Standing on the high hill outside the historical center of Kyiv, the St. Cyril's Church is reckoned among the most valuable historical and architectural monuments of Ukraine on par with the legendary Saint Sophia Cathedral and has the status of museum. It is one of the oldest temples that have survived since the Kyivan Rus times in nearly primeval state. The value of the St. Cyril's Church is in i

Microminiature Museum
The huge number of Kyiv museums includes truly unique ones that have no matches in any other city of the world. Located on the Kyiv Pechersk Lavra territory, the Microminiature Museum is definitely one of them. It is recognized as one of the most unusual capital museums, whose exhibits are visible only by microscope. All works, exhibited in the museum, are true micro works of art, made by the ext

Toy Museum • Kyiv
Toy Museum
Toy Museum • Kyiv
The Kyiv Toy Museum is a truly unique place, interesting for both, children and adults. For the first ones it is an opportunity to plunge into fairy world, where hundreds of different heroes live, for the latter ones - a chance to feel nagging nostalgia, and at the same time to learn many interesting facts about the history of toys as an integral part of the country's culture. The Toy Museum, open
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