Sorochintsi Fair

Velyki Sorochyntsi

It's one of the most vivid and picturesque events of the festival life of Ukraine. Sorochintsi Fair acquired huge popularity after the publication of the narrative of the same name by famous writer and native of the village Big Sorochintsi - Nikolai Gogol.

On the one side, it is a large trade festival, where leading enterprises from Ukraine and from other countries introduce their products: here you may buy works of folk trade, modern industrial goods, foodstuff, and taste dishes of traditional Ukrainian cuisine in taverns. On the other side, Sorochintsi Fair is a vivid theatrelized performance, and sellers dressed in national costumes, craftsmen, actors dressed as characters from Gogol works and folklore bands, as well as vast concert and amusement program add special coloring to it.

How to get here. The best way is to go by train or by bus to Mirgorod, and from there - by bus or by route taxi to Big Sorochintsi. During the Fair amount of transport going from bus and railway stations of Mirgorod to fair field grows significantly, due to introduction of extra runs.

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