The History of the Defense of the Adzhimushkay Quarry Museum

Situated in the Kerch's outskirts, Adzhimushkay Quarries are mine workings that form complex labyrinth with divided underground galleries, tunnels and corridors. Now it is a unique military and historical monument that immortalized courage of Soviet soldiers, who during the Second World War held the line against German invaders here.

In spring of 1942, enemy troops invaded Kerch Peninsula's territory. The primary Crimean front's forces had to evacuate and the remaining Soviet troops - around 10 thousand soldiers - took up defensive position in Adzhimushkay Quarries. A part of local residents took refuge with them, too.

The underground garrison fought against the enemy in incredibly difficult conditions. Hitler troops surrounded the quarries with barbed wire entanglement and in this way cut off the Soviet soldiers from outside wells with water. Then they repeatedly filled underground labyrinths with asphyxiating gas, blew up adits and caused landslides. However, the besieged defenders, suffering from hunger and thirst, lack of medicine and ammunition, continued to resist German forces and diverted enemy's troops.

Soviet soldiers held active battles against the Nazis and delivered them tangible blows for over four month. Only by September, exhausted defenders stopped active resistance, nevertheless, they stayed in the underground fortress for two more months, whereupon Hitler troops finally captured them.

Twenty years after the World War II, it was decided to open an underground museum, dedicated to killed defenders' memory, in Adzhimushkay Quarries. Its truly unique exposition is based on searching results and remnant documents' analysis. Thanks to original artistic techniques and special illumination, the preserved in the dungeon objects look especially realistic. Among them there are so called well of life that was dug under the ground by Soviet defenders and served as water-supply for them; gasproof shelter, underground hospital, roof-slides, graves. Museum's collection is supplemented with numerous military relicts that were discovered in the course of searching expeditions.

12-meter high memorial - the symbol of Adzhimushkay heroes' courage - stands at the entrance to the underground museum.

Getting here. Take bus №4 from the city bus terminal to the bus stop 'The History of the Defense of the Adzhimushkay Quarry Museum'.

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