Mamajeva Sloboda

M. Dontsa St. 2

The outdoor museum of architecture and life Mamajeva Sloboda is situated not far from the city center, near one of capital’s picturesque parks. It is an authentic cultural complex that reproduces Cossack settlement of 17th – 18th century. Not only original architectural buildings of Cossack age, but also inimitable atmosphere and spirit of that time were recreated there.

The culture and entertainment complex Mamajeva Sloboda is situated in the historical place – at the source of the Lybid River. These lands once belonged to the St. Michael's Golden-Domed Cathedral and were occupied by monastery apiary with farm and pond. Later, gardens were planted and a park was laid out in this area, but the ethnic saksen with neat Ukrainian huts under golden straw roofs didn’t appear there until 2009.

The museum got its name in honor of the legendary Cossack Mamai – one of the Ukrainian Cossack folklore’s most popular characters, whose image could be found next to the icons in almost every house at Cossack times.

The complex occupies almost nine hectares and houses about a hundred authentic buildings that reproduce Ukrainian Cossacks’ life. Mamajeva Sloboda’s architectural ensemble’s key element is the wooden Cossack Church of Holy Virgin Intercession, built without a single nail, with the adjacent bell tower. The temple is crowned with three domes and amazes not only with its graceful shape, but also with splendid interior. The church was built in the image and likeness of the cathedral, standing in the Zaporizhzhia Sich during Bohdan Khmelnytsky times.

A wind mill stands not far from the Cossack Church and vivid farmsteads of Cossacks, churchwarden, and Cossack foreman surround two picturesque ponds with lilies and water lilies. In addition, there are houses of a blacksmith and a potter with adjacent shops, regimental treasury, Cossack outpost, military office, tavern, apiary, water mill and dozens of outbuildings.

During large national and religious holidays the Mamajeva Sloboda hosts large-scale folk festivities. And on a regular day the museum organizes theme tours. Most of them are educational and interactive: visitors have an opportunity to try on national Ukrainian costumes, salute with Cossack cannon, learn bell-ringer’s art and more.

In addition, ethnic complex’s manors serve dishes and drinks from aristocratic, bourgeois, peasant and Cossack cuisines, cooked after old recipes. Tableware, in which authentic dishes are served, is unique: it is custom made in accordance to historical standards.

Getting here. Take a route taxi №427, 201, 232 or a trolleybus №27 from the metro station Shuliavska to the bus stop M. Dontsa St.

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