Syretsky Arboretum

Located on the Dnieper River’s right bank in Kyiv, the Syrets Arboretum is not as famous as other landscaped areas of the capital; also it is seldom included into the sightseeing’s list. However occupying territory of six acres, the little, cozy park is a monument of gardening arts that always impresses its visitors with its design, flora diversity and good infrastructure. Not suitable for long walks fans because one can cross it in half an hour, nevertheless it will ideally suit for those who are eager to disconnect from the hustle and bustle of the city.

In the middle of 19th century, the site of Syrets Arboretum was occupied by homestead Sofievka. It featured the famous German-born florist Karl Mayer’s mansion. He founded a company that dealt with the cultivation and sale of field, vegetable, fruit crops and seeds and housed a park of decorative cultures. It was this park that served as a base for further foundation of the Syrets Arboretum. The age-old history of the park is seen in ancient oaks, maples, yews and lindens.

After the Second World War, the trees for all Ukraine were grown here, and the remaining ones were planted in the park. It helped greatly to enrich its collection. Then it got over 500 trees, shrubs and plants. At the same time, the Syrets Arboretum got its current design: the territory was decorated with landscape compositions and living walls, new alleys and sideways were laid, numerous banks were installed and the other infrastructures were made.

Nowadays, despite its small size, the Syrets Arboretum impresses with the diversity and abundance of flora. The park boasts different types of rare arborvitae, birch, fir, juniper, rhododendron, barberry and honeysuckle. The exotic plants can also be seen here: tulip tree, ginkgo, and pagoda tree. The park’s highlight is its peculiar structure. The thing is that plants are cultivated for its decorative qualities instead of widely spread systematic character. It makes Syrets Arboretum one of the most beautiful locations in Kyiv.

The Syrets Arboretum always surprises its visitors. In spring, one may enjoy the magnolias, chestnuts, lilac, barberry and peonies, in the summer, the acacia, linden and tulip are in bloom. In autumn the guests can be amazed at Japanese katsura, different species of maple and dogwood blossoming. The arboretum features an orchid greenhouse, where different types of these incredibly beautiful flowers grow. The park houses the store where one can buy different flowers, exotic and local plants both in a vase and seedlings.

How to get there. Get off at the subway station Syrets, and then set off down Stetsenko Street towards Internatsionalna Square. Before reaching the square, turn the corner and continue down Kotovskogo Street. You can access the park via the checkpoint of the agricultural company "Kvity Ukrainy.”

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