One Street Museum

The Andriyivsky Descent is one of the capital's oldest and most picturesque streets. It is rightly considered the only street in the city that has preserved the true Kyivan spirit. You can plunge into the mysterious world of the past, touch the Andriyivsky Descent’s amazing and rich history and discover the secrets of its prominent residents by checking out the unique One Street Museum, which is reckoned among the most popular tourist sights in Kyiv.

Despite its modest size, this original museum has truly impressive exposition, for which it is called a real treasury of Andriyivsky Descent's secrets. Original historical documents, manuscripts, autographs, old postcards, photos and lots of other interesting artifacts are kept here.

Original items, dated to the late 19th - early 20th century, are used in decorating its interiors. Thus, one can see here a boudoir with items of lady's toilet and dining room, where fully laid table stands. The interiors of shops and stalls that used to work at the Andriyivsky Descent in the past centuries are recreated in the originally designed showcases. There is also an impressive collection of clothes dated to the last and the before last centuries - women's dresses, umbrellas and hats, men's tuxedos and cylinders - in the museum halls.

Separate place in the museum exposition is allocated to the stands, devoted to the interesting events, stories and city tales relating to the famous figures who lived on this densely populated street two centuries ago: prominent artists, musicians, writers, painters, sculptors, scientists. Another few showcases of the One Street Museum tell about history and legends of the Andriyivsky Descent's most interesting buildings: the Castle of Richard the Lionheart, the St. Andrew's Church and many others.

In addition, history and literature, and art exhibitions devoted to the famous personalities whose life and creative work were connected to Kyiv, as well as exhibitions devoted to the important historical events constantly take place in the museum.

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