Pharmacy Museum

Narrow, covered with centuries-old block pavement, streets of the Lviv's historical center hide many wonders - Old Town is famous for original buildings and unique sights. However, there is a building that can't be passed over by any - even the most sated with Lviv's rarities - tourist. This is the Pharmacy Museum - the oldest one in Lviv and, in addition, having very rich collection of rare exhibits, gathered by pharmacists and enthusiast-collectors.

The Pharmacy on the Market Square appeared with military pharmacist's Natorp's patronage back in 1735 and was called 'Under the Black Eagle'. In those times, each pharmacy had its own symbol, placed over the entrance, and was named after it. The Pharmacy on the Market Square has been changing owners, but not the quality of its pharmaceutical products and local residents' high trust. Even today - two and a half centuries later - one may buy medicines here. It is much more interesting, however, to visit this place as a part of excursion: since 1966 the Pharmacy 'Under the Black Eagle' is a unique museum complex, where several thousand of very interesting exhibits are kept.

The first room is the Trade Room, whose interior precisely replicates Lviv's old pharmacy's setting. On one side modern drugs are sold, and on the other - massive oak cupboards decorated with artistic carving line up. All sorts of pharmacy utensils and drugs from different epochs stand on their shelves. One of Trade Room's most interesting exhibits is an ancient pharmaceutical scale that is attached to one-meter high figures of Aesculapius (the God of medical treatment) and his daughter Hygeia (the Goddess of health). In first room's far showcase one may see a model of the first kerosene lamp.

By the way, it is in this room that one can buy the famous 'iron wine' - the drink enriched with iron. It improves appetite and raises the hemoglobin level in blood. The 'iron wine' is often bought as a souvenir from the Pharmacy Museum.

The next room is the so called Material Room. Formerly medicines were stocked here, and now the collection of ancient medications and ampoules, equipment, and ware for preparations are showed. However, the most interesting exhibit here is the ancient druggist machinery that used to be used for making pills.

The exposition telling the history of pharmacy from ancient times to present days can be seen in the third room. And the fourth one realistically recreates old druggist laboratory: its exhibits introduce different stages of plant inputs' processing and medicine production from it. The Laboratory Room also has a herbarium of rare medicinal plants from all over the world.

Pharmacy Museum's most mysterious part is its dungeons, where early 18th century's interiors are recreated. Oak stairs lead form dungeons to the courtyard. Standing in its center, the remnants of small fountain with mysterious figure (often referred to as the monument to the witch) inevitably compel attention.

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