Pidhirtsi Castle
This luxurious, heavily fortified Renaissance palace is one of the best preserved, famous, and most attractive castles in western Ukraine. Its history began in the 17th century, when the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth's Crown Hetman Stanislaw Koniecpolski bought an old fortification in the small town Pidhirtsi and decided to rebuild it in Renaissance style. At the hetman's request, the French arc

The Olesko Castle
This is the oldest building in western Ukraine, and one of the best-known castles that had been reconstructed from ruin. For over six centuries, the castle has been soaring on a 50-meter (164 feet) high hill, protecting memories of crucial historical events that it had witnessed and participated in. Today, a museum occupies the castle, exhibiting unique works of art. The exact year of the castle'

The Market Square and Town Hall
Market Square is the central square in Lviv and the heart of its historic center. It appeared in the 14th century, and its look is typical of the squares that all medieval Polish and German towns possess. Its unique architectural ensemble, added in 1998 onto the list of UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites, was shaped over the almost seven centuries that it has been around. Throughout this time, numerous

Lychakiv Cemetery
This astounding necropolis is one of the oldest in Europe. It is older than its well-known ‘fellows’- the Parisian Père Lachaisein and London’s Highgate. The Lychakiv Cemetery is rightfully called an outdoor museum. On its area of over 40 hectares you will find more than 3000 gravestones, monuments, and vaults. Many of them are not just masterpieces of art, but also important components of cultura

The Dominican Church
The Dominican Church is rightfully considered to be one of the best monuments to late baroque architecture not only in Lviv, but all of Europe. The building harmoniously rounds out the historical center’s ensemble. Along with other temples in Lviv, it is included on UNESCO’s list of World Heritage Sites. The construction of the Roman Catholic Dominican Church began in the middle of the 18th centu

The Cathedral of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary (Latin Cathedral)
The beautiful Latin Cathedral, standing majestically in the heart of Lviv’s old town is the most impressive and (literally) the most prominent building in town. The tower’s 67-meter (220 feet) high spire gets the attention of each person who enters the historical center. The Roman Catholic Church, which is almost seven centuries old, remains the most important temple in Lviv and the only one in th

The High Castle • Lviv
The High Castle
The High Castle • Lviv
This is the highest point of Lviv. A hill in the historic center, where a fortress used to stand, is now a wonderful park, and an acknowledged masterpiece of landscape art. The High Castle attracts tourists because its observation deck offers breathtaking views of old Lviv. Historians believe that the city’s history began with the construction of the castle by Prince Danylo Halytskyi in the 13th

The Armenian Cathedral (of the Assumption of the Holiest Mother of God)
The Armenian Cathedral is one of the oldest landmarks in Lviv. It is also the main shrine of one of medieval Lviv’s largest communities, the Armenians. For a long time, this unique temple was the center of religious and cultural life for the Armenians, who played an important role in Lviv’s history. The Cathedral is currently located in the historical center, standing on a place of the former Arme

House Museum of Lesya Ukrainka • Lutsk (158 km.)
House Museum of Lesya Ukrainka
House Museum of Lesya Ukrainka • Lutsk (158 km.)
A small picturesque village of Kolodyazhne appeared on the Ukraine’s tourist map fifty years ago, thanks to the literary-memorial Museum of Lesya Ukrainka – the brilliant Ukrainian poetess and writer, author of classical Ukrainian literature. The museum is situated on the premises of the age-old farmstead, where Larisa Kosach (real name of Lesya Ukrainka) spent her childhood and youth. The family
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