Church of St. Elizabeth (Church of Sts. Olha and Elizabeth)
The elegant neo-Gothic Church of St. Elizabeth that pierces the sky with sharp spires is the first to greet Lviv guests arriving at the train station. It is one of the Lviv most admirable and fascinating monuments and is rightly considered city's trademark for over a century. The Catholic Church was built in the early 20th century and named in honor of the wife of Austrian Emperor Franz Josef I -

Jesuit Church (St. Peter and Paul Cathedral)
The Jesuit St. Peter and Paul Cathedral majestically standing in the very heart of the historic Lviv is one of the town's largest and most important cultic buildings. Located in the Old Town's longest street - Teatralnaya, it is rightly considered Lviv's most attractive sight. Jesuits - the representatives of the most influential Catholic monastic Order who were always famous for their education -

Svirzh Castle • Lviv
Svirzh Castle
Svirzh Castle • Lviv
Lviv neighborhood is famous for the multitude of ancient castles and fabulous palaces that used to serve their owners - predominantly Polish kings and magnates - as fortified residences. The medieval castle in the picturesque Svirzh settlement is rightly considered one of the most beautiful among them. This unique monument of fortification architecture stands on the high rocky hill, surrounded wi

Pharmacy Museum • Lviv
Pharmacy Museum
Pharmacy Museum • Lviv
Narrow, covered with centuries-old block pavement, streets of the Lviv's historical center hide many wonders - Old Town is famous for original buildings and unique sights. However, there is a building that can't be passed over by any - even the most sated with Lviv's rarities - tourist. This is the Pharmacy Museum - the oldest one in Lviv and, in addition, having very rich collection of rare exhib

Bernardine Monastery and Catholic Church
The medieval complex of the former Bernardine Monastery with the gorgeous Catholic Church of the Saint Andrew the First-Called is one of the most enigmatic historical and architectural monuments in ancient Lviv. Its magnificent, covered with multitude of legends, buildings invariably arrest attention and cause admiration of everyone strolling through Old Town. Bernardine monks came to Lviv in the

Lviv Opera House
The Theater of Opera and Ballet is one of Europe's most beautiful theaters on par with Vienna and Odesa Opera Houses. Local residents often call its gorgeous building Lviv's main symbol and gem. Lviv Opera House adorns town's main avenue and is one of its brightest sights that should be visited without fail. Daily thousands of tourists from all over the world admire its beauty and splendor. In the

Shevchenko Grove
The ethnographic museum of folk architecture and life 'Shevchenko Grove' is an amazingly harmonic and cozy place in Lviv's center, where you may merge with nature and rest from city hum. This wonderful landscape-architectural complex is very popular among Lviv's locals and its many guests. Visiting the outdoor museum is not only a chance to have a good time, but also to enjoy true Ukrainian colori

St. George's Cathedral
This splendid Cathedral, standing on top of a hill in the Old Town, is a real gem of Ukrainian baroque architecture. This majestic temple, perfectly blended into its surrounding landscape, is not only a unique architectural monument, but it is also the main church of Ukrainian Greek Catholics. For many centuries, Greek Catholic archbishops and patriarchs resided on its territory. The local reside

Zolochiv Castle • Lviv
Zolochiv Castle
Zolochiv Castle • Lviv
Lviv is famous not only for its majestic cathedrals, fairytale houses, and unique museums, but also for the ancient castles that are located on its outskirts. One of the most remarkable ones is the Zolochiv Castle. Over its history, it has been a royal residence, a prison, and an educational facility. Jakub Sobieski - the father of the Polish king Jan III - built the stone castle to replace a woo
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