Alushta and the treasures of Chatyr-Dag Show on map

Alushta - Demerdzhi - Chatyr-Dag - Partenit

Alushta is the resort center of Crimea with fine-pebbly beaches and a big number of health resorts, as well as multitude of natural sights in the neighborhood.

You can reach Alushta, as any other corner of Crimea, through the main transportation gates of the peninsula - Simferopol. In the town itself it is worth seeing the Museum of Nature of the Crimean Preserve, where over 1,5 thousands of exhibits, telling about flora and fauna of the preserve, are gathered, and arboretum and zoo. Then head for sightseeing of the outskirts.

Take a bus or a cab to the Luchistoye village, and from there climb up along one of the tourist paths on one of the most mysterious Crimean Mountains - Demerdzhi. Take a look at the ruins of the medieval castle Funa and of the Greek Church, and then visit the Haunted Valley - the western slope of the hill, covered with stone sculptures in form of mysterious creatures.

Devote the next day to another mountain massif - one of the highest in Crimea - Chatyr-Dag. You can probably see the whole southern coast of Crimea from its top. Being here you should inevitably visit three unique karstic caves situated on the lower plateau of Chatyr-Dag. All of them are equipped for visiting. The marble Cave - the most impressive one - is a natural phenomenon, a real underground museum. The cave Emine-Bair-Khosar is notable for the splendor of its many-colored calcite formations, and the Emine-Bair-Koba (Trekhglazka) - for coral "flowers" and stoned waterfalls.

Then head back to Alushta and take a route taxi in direction of Yalta from there and go to the resort settlement Partenit. It is located at the foot of the Ayu-Dag Mountain (Bear-Mountain), which is its main attraction. Ayu-Dag is called the natural mineralogical museum of the Southern Crimea, and its slopes and peaks are covered with relict plants. The Bear-Mountain is also interesting for the remains of the medieval constructions preserved here. You should inevitably climb up to the very top of Ayu-Dag, from where the wonderful panorama at the southern coast of Crimea opens up.

You can continue your recreation on the beaches of Alushta.