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Sevastopol - Bakhchysarai - Mangup Kale - Chufut Kale

Sevastopol is one of the largest tourist and excursion centers and it surely has something to show to its guests. Therefore, if you come to Sevastopol in the morning, head for absorbing and informative stroll through the city. Start it by visiting the Museum of the Black Sea Navy, then walk to the oldest Nakhimov Square, where the monument to the hero of the first Siege of Sevastopol Pavel Nakhimov is installed. There is the Memorial to the Heroic Defense of 1941-1942 with Eternal Flame opposite to it, and the front quay of the town - Grafskaya Wharf, - nearby. The well-known Primorsky Boulevard with the Monument to the Sunken Ships adjoins to the Nakhimov Square.

Afterwards head for the Historic Boulevard and visit there the well-known museum of battle art - the Panorama Museum "The 1854-1855 Defense of Sevastopol" - one of the biggest in the world. And follow the tour up with seeing the memorial complex "Malakhov Kurgan" - a place, which is the objectification of the town's dramatic history.

It is worth devoting at least half a day to one of the main sights of Sevastopol - the National Preserve "Tauric Chersonesos". This is the unique monument of the Byzantine culture with a bulk of interesting objects, among which there are ruins of the fortress walls and towers, temples, ancient theater, mint, as well as museum. Chersonesos is also famous for the fact that it is from here that Christianity came to the Kyivan Rus thousand years ago. The Vladimir Cathedral - the magnificent temple in Byzantine style - is the remainder of that.

Devote your next day to the wonderful Bakhchysarai that is called the intersection of three cultures. Striking with its monumentality and magnificence Khansarai - one of the few large monuments of the Crimean Khanate times - should be visited here without fail. Then take a tour to the Bakhchysarai outskirts, visiting the Dormition Monastery cut off in the rock - one of the oldest on the peninsula, - and unique "cave" towns Chufut Kale and Mangup Kale.

Chufut Kale
Mangup Kale