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The first four days dedicate to the itinerary of the tour “Odesa in Four Days”.

Upon learning the Southern Palmyra, dedicate the next two days to Odesa suburbs that boast lots of interesting historical and natural sights.

The best way to start the fifth day is to set out to town Bilhorod-Dnistrovskyi, located some 50 km from Odesa. It is considered to be the oldest town in Ukraine. Along with Rome and Athens, it is among the ten most ancient towns in the world. Stroll along its centuries-old streets that sooner or later will lead you to the main attraction of the town, Bilhorod-Dnistrovskyi (Akkerman) fortress, the biggest fortress in the country. Walk along its thick walls and austere towers that despite advanced age and historical twists and turns were kept almost unchanged. The tour to the fortress might take half a day.

Then come back to Odesa. You can spend the rest of the day in Opera House (or another theater) that offers a lot of interesting plays every night. Otherwise, head toward popular resort district Arkadia (with namesake beach) that boasts dozens of restaurants, discotheques and nightclubs. If not, promenade through nighttime Southern Palmyra, which will show its new charming image illuminated by lanterns and lights.

You better reserve the next day for learning more about Ukrainian Venice, a unique town Vilkovo. It is situated 200 km away from Odesa, on the border of Ukraine and Romania at the picturesque confluence of the Danube and the Black Sea. Make a trip in peculiar gondolas through its numerous channels that bear a strong resemblance to those of Italian “Queen of the Adriatic.” Also, take advantage and go to the Danube bioreserve, considered to be the biggest swampland reserve in Europe. Admire nature beauties of Danube overflow land, hand-made islands, finest bays and backwaters, inhabited by rare birds and animals.

Moreover, try to invite yourself to locals who will treat you with herb tea made in firewood samovar. Also, you might buy a local wine “Novak” made from a unique grade of grape that grows in Vilkovo.

Return to Odesa in the evening.

Bilhorod-Dnistrovskyi (Akkerman fortress)
Odesa’s Beaches