Volyn Music Drama Theater
The Volyn Theater that this year opened the 75th season already is considered to be exemplary on the territory of the Western Ukraine. The team was formed on the basis of two wonderful troupes and absorbed the best, most original and peculiar. Now the basis of the histrionic team is experienced masters, who know their business, at the same time the theater is being renewed and invites young talent

Chernivtsi Music Drama Theater
Despite the youth of the creative team of the Chernivtsi Theater, founded in 1940, it was always distinguished with thorough approach to the theatrical performances and professionalism, which could be envied by other theaters. The building of the theater was raised in 1905 and is very different from other constructions of that time. "This is a dream of velvet and gold" as it was characterized by o

Ternopil Drama Theater
The troupe of the Ternopil Theater was formed in Sumska oblast, but after several years of removals and the World War II stayed in Ternopil, where it performs till present days, leaving the town only for performances on international festivals and guest performances abroad. The magnificent building of the theater that decorates the main square of the town deserves special attention. Its gable is r

Rivne Ukrainian Music Drama Theater
The Rivne Theater counts its seasons since 1939, when the first creative team was formed in the town. Since first years of work the theatric troupe set a course for novelty and pioneering. It is here that such well-known plays as "King Lear" by W. Shakespeare and "The Stolen Happiness" by I. Franko were staged for the first time in Ukraine. The building of the theater, raised in 1965, was repeated

Lviv Theater of Opera and Ballet
Lviv Opera is one of the most beautiful and ancient theaters of Western Ukraine. The need to create the theater appeared back in the late 19th century, when the town was part of Austria-Hungary. The theater is built according to classical architectural canons with bright inclusions of Renaissance and baroque, in the spirit of so called Viennese Pseudo-renaissance. The exterior and interior of the

Zakarpattia Ukrainian Music Drama Theater
The history of Zakarpattia Music Drama Theater started in 1947 with premiere of the play "Under Chestnuts of Prague". Preconditions to its creation appeared back in the early 20th century, when famous theater figure came on tour to Uzhgorod with his troupe. They made a significant contribution to the development and organization of the Uzhgorod Theater. The troupe of the theater always goes on foo