Historical and Cultural Reserve ‘The Tale of Igor's Campaign’
‘The Tale of Igor's Campaign’ is Old Russian literature’s prominent monument that was written in the 12th century and tells about unsuccessful campaign led by Novhorod-Siversky’s Prince Igor Svyatoslavich against Cumans. The campaign started from the Our Savior and Transfiguration Monastery, therefore, it’s no wonder that Ukraine’s only museum, devoted to this Slavic world’s celebrated literary si

The Strategic Missile Forces Museum • Kirovograd (242 km.)
The Strategic Missile Forces Museum
The Strategic Missile Forces Museum • Kirovograd (242 km.)
Kirovograd’s outskirts enjoy the company of unique museum that is located not far from the town of Pervomaysk and has no analogues in the world. It's the Strategic Missile Forces Museum, located on the territory of former highly secretive missile base. In Soviet times division headquarters of missile forces stationed in Pervomaysk, and carefully disguised underground command posts and mines with

Sergei Korolev Museum of Astronautics
The unique museum of astronautics - the only one of its sort on the territory of Ukraine - is opened in Zhytomyr for a reason. It is here that Sergei Korolev - the talented scientist and engineer, the initiator of applied cosmonautics, the creator of Soviet space and rocket equipment, the person, whose ideas enabled the launching of the first artificial satellite, - was born and spent his childhoo

Pirogov Estate Museum • Vinnytsia (77 km.)
Pirogov Estate Museum
Pirogov Estate Museum • Vinnytsia (77 km.)
The National Nikolai Pirogov Estate Museum, situated in the picturesque park in the outskirts of Vinnytsia, is not just the most interesting town sight, but an important object of the cultural heritage of Ukraine. Nikolai Pirogov is a prominent scientist, talented physician, inventor of anesthesia and field martial surgery, founder of the Red Cross Society and notable public figure. It's hard to o

The Museum of Local Lore (Bishop's House)
Founded in the second half of the 19th century, Zhytomyr museum of local lore is one of the oldest museum facilities in Ukraine. Its collection began from the 48 minerals and rocks that were given for exhibition by the former governor of the district. Soon the exposition was supplemented with collection of coins, materials from archives and other valuables, which were presented to the future museu