The Cathedral of St. Alexander Nevsky
The majestic Cathedral of St. Alexander Nevsky is one of the most beautiful orthodox temples in Yalta, and in the whole Crimea, too. It was built in the late 19th century in memory of tragically killed Imperator Alexander II and was consecrated in honor of St. Alexander Nevsky - the Russian Tsars' divine protector. When Imperator Alexander the Second was mortally wounded in terrorist act on March

Armenian Church of the St. Sergiy (Surb Sarkis)
The ancient Armenian Church of the St. Sergiy is among Feodosiya's most interesting architectural monuments. The temple, built in the middle of the 14th century, is one of the few medieval cultic buildings on the Crimea's territory that remained intact until now. Built according to all Armenian medieval architectural canons, the Church of the St. Sergiy is notable for simple and airy forms. Its ma

The Monastery of the Holy Dormition
The Monastery of the Dormition is one of the oldest in Crimea and is situated in the most beautiful corner of the peninsula - in the heart of the Mariam-Dere gorge framed with cliffs that rise high into the sky. The exact date of the cloister's appearance in these lands is unknown. There are dozens of legends - including very fairy - in this regard. Historians incline to the version, according to
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