Museum of Alexander Grin
The Literary and Memorial Museum of Alexander Grin – the prominent romanticist writer and great dreamer – is one of the most famous and the most visited museums in Feodosiya. It is situated in the one-storey light house, standing not far from the sea. Alexander Grin spent five years of his life in this house. The writer always called Feodosiya “the city of tender watercolors.” It is there that he

Museum 'Marine Curiosities'
Situated in the resort settlement of Shtormove, not far from Yevpatoria, the Museum 'Marine Curiosities' is reckoned among the most original museums of the Crimea and the whole Ukraine. It was created several years ago by local residents, and almost immediately turned into one of the peninsula’s most interesting tourist sights. This unusual museum’s exhibits are various objects, which were once th

Museum of Money • Feodosiya
Museum of Money
Museum of Money • Feodosiya
Founded on the initiative of the local numismatist collector in the Crimea, the Feodosiya Museum of Money is the first museum of this kind in Ukraine. It is not surprising that it was opened in Feodosiya, for this age-old city long enjoys the fame of the country’s main numismatic center: it is a leader in the variety of money, which was once minted, printed or used there. At various times, the anc

Naval Museum Balaklava (Museum of Submarines)
The Naval Museum Complex Balaklava is one of the most unusual and interesting museums on the Crimean peninsula. It was created in the early 2000s on the premises of the former top-secret underground plant engaged in repair and maintenance of Soviet Black Sea Fleet’s submarines. The plant was situated inside the giant rock mass on the Balaklava Bay western shore. The grandiose construction of one o

Sparkling Wine Factory ‘Novyi Svit’
The settlement Novyi Svit became famous far beyond the Crimean peninsula thanks to its amazingly beautiful landscapes, azure bays and wonderful beaches with crystal pure water, as well as the Sparkling Wine Factory ‘Novyi Svit.’ Being the main sight and the symbol of this paradise for more than a century and a half, the factory produces very tasty and high quality sparkling wines that are highly a

Mikhailovskaya Battery • Sevastopol
Mikhailovskaya Battery
Mikhailovskaya Battery • Sevastopol
Situated on the northern side of the Sevastopol bay, the large-scale fortification with multitude of loophole windows is clearly seen from the city quay. It is the Mikhailovskaya Battery, one of Sevastopol Fortress’s forts that survived until now. This object of huge historical importance has become the symbol of the hero city. Today, majestic ravelin’s premises are turned into original exhibition

Museum 'Polyana Skazok'
Polyana Skazok is Ukraine’s only outdoor museum of sculpture and floristics. It is situated in one of the most beautiful corners of the Southern Coast of Crimea: on the protected forest edge at the foot of the peculiar Stavri-Kaya cliff, two kilometers away from Yalta’s center. Its exhibits are more than two hundred characters of folk fairy tales, embodied in unique sculptures and placed on cozy f

The Diorama ‘Sapun Mount Storm on May 7, 1944’
The diorama ‘Sapun Mount Storm on May 7, 1944’ is one of the largest battle paintings in the world. It is the center of the largest memorial complex in the city that was created on the top of the Sapun Mount in order to commemorate the heroic deed of Soviet warriors who liberated Sevastopol from the German-fascist invaders. Located seven kilometers to the east from Sevastopol, the Sapun Mount had

Massandra Winery • Yalta
Massandra Winery
Massandra Winery • Yalta
The Southern Coast of Crimea is notable not only for amazing landscapes, unique nature and the range of priceless historical and architectural monuments, but also for its famous all over the world wines. Crimean wine-making is centered in Massandra winery that is one of the oldest and largest wine-making enterprises in CIS. Today, everyone has an opportunity to visit ancient galleries of wine cell
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