The House of Organ and Chamber Music

Kalinina Ave. 66

The House of Organ and Chamber Music is reckoned among Dnipropetrovsk’s brightest sights for a reason: it is located in the former St. Nikolas Cathedral’s building, which is considered to be one the most beautiful and original constructions in the city. It has an honorable status of the 20th century’s architectural monument and stands in the list of cultural heritage sites of national importance.

The St. Nikolas Church was built in the then city outskirts, in 1915, in honor of the 300th anniversary of Romanov Family’s reign. People immediately nicknamed it as Brianska, for the temple was located on the territory of the settlement Briansky near the metallurgical works in Dnipropetrovsk’s western part. The gorgeous stone cathedral was built after prominent Petersburg architects’ project in the eclectic style that combined classical and baroque traits and had an unusually shaped rotunda. The three-tier bell tower with clock was adjoined to the temple.

In 1929, however, the church was closed and its building was used as the House of Pioneers, then as sports school and even as coal storehouse. In the post-war times, the temple severely dilapidated and stood in such condition for over 30 years. The authorities intended to pull it down, but the locals who realized the huge value of the St. Nikolas Cathedral’s building managed to press for its maintenance and even for awarding the status of architectural monument to it. At the same time, it was decided to reconstruct the building and to convert it into an organ hall.

The restoration works, which returned the building its original look, were finished in 1986, and a year later, the House of Organ and Chamber Music was opened here. Specially constructed by the famous German company Sauer, the 12-tonn concert organ was installed in the small hall for 280 seats with perfect acoustics. This unique instrument, registered by the manufacturing firm in UNESCO catalogues as the work of art, is among the top ten in Europe.

Currently, chamber ensembles, soloists and academic choirs regularly perform in the Dipropetrovsk House of Organ and Chamber Music.

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