Kvitky Osnovyanenko St. 12
Type of facility: Restaurant-tavern
Cuisine: European
Average cheque: 150 uah.
Capacity: 90

The restaurant and tavern "Sharikoff" owes its name to the character of the famous novel by Mikhail Bulgakov "Heart of a Dog". The unique atmosphere of the early 20th century is recreated here, and the interior is stylized to the apartment of another character of the work - Professor Preobrazhensky: parquet and expensive pictures in combination with red banners, oil stoves and gramophone.

There are main lounge decorated in the style of professor's dining room and VIP-lounge reminiscent of his study on the ground floor of the restaurant. And in the basement the favourite tavern of Sharikov "Stop-signal" is situated, an ideal place for revolutionary-minded visitors. The summer ground embodies Moscow shopping street of the early 20th century.

The menu of the restaurant "Sharikoff" includes traditional dishes from Russian cuisine: "Olivie" salad, "Shuba" salad (dressed herring) and forshmak, sterlet in birch sap and cutlets from venison and wild boar meat. Special sushi list is developed for the fans of Japanese cuisine. "Sharikoff" offers self-made kvasses and fruit drinks, as well as impressive wine list with over 100 positions.

Moreover, the restaurant is famous for its French crepe-maker, where tender crepes with various fillings are made in the guests' presence.

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