Intercession Monastery
The Intercession Monastery is adjoined to the Kharkiv oldest square, located in its very center. Its architectural ensemble is a complex of priceless antique structures that adorn modern city. The monastery was founded on the territory of the Kharkiv Fortress, in 1726, and used to be a part of the city fortifications system. Situated on the bank of the Lopan River in close proximity to the main tr

House with Chimeras, Kharkiv
Kharkiv House with Chimeras is rarely included in the list of local tourist sights. It is not as densely ‘populated’ by peculiar creatures as its more well-known fellow building in the capital and is inferior to it in originality of its architecture. Nevertheless, this unconventional building, raised in art nouveau style with elements of English Gothic, is worth special attention. In the early 20t

Fountain 'Mirror Stream'
Situated in the Pobedy Garden, opposite to the Opera Theater, the fountain ‘Mirror Stream’ (Zerkalnaya Struya) is one of the brightest and most recognizable symbols of the city, which is included in the list of Seven Wonders of Kharkiv. The place, where the fountain is located, used to be a cemetery, then it was occupied by a temple, pulled down in 1930, and later a trolleybus terminal was situate

Museum of History • Kharkiv
Museum of History
Museum of History • Kharkiv
Kharkiv Museum of History is one of the biggest and oldest museums in Ukraine. It owns significant collection of valuable exhibits, telling about city's and Left-bank Ukraine's tough history. It was founded in 1920 as the Slobodskaya Ukraine Museum and was situated on the premises of the Intercession Monastery for a long time. Since the late 20th century, museum's collection is kept in the former

The Assumption Cathedral
Kharkiv's oldest orthodox church - the magnificent Assumption Cathedral - rivets attention with its elegance and grandeur. It is situated at the Universytetskaya Gorka (literally: University's hill) - an old district, where city's fortress used to stand - and is reckoned among the brightest sights of Kharkiv. The first wooden Assumption of the Theotokos Church was built right after Kharkiv's found

Freedom Square • Kharkiv
Freedom Square
Freedom Square • Kharkiv
The huge Freedom Square is Kharkiv's most famous sight that remains town's landmark for almost hundred years. The unique square, striking with its size, is the largest in Ukraine and one of the largest in the world. It is arranged in form of flask with the whole boulevard 'inside' it. The Freedom Square is Khrakiv's heart that sets the rhythm of the town's life. It appeared in the early 20th cent

Annunciation Cathedral
Situated at town's historical center, the grandiose Annunciation Cathedral - one of the most beautiful Kharkiv's churches - rivets attention by its original forms and uncommon striped patterns. Built in Russian and Byzantine style, it is recognized as unique architectural monument of the early 20th century and inevitably remains in the center of tourists' attention. The first Annunciation Church

Parkhomivka Museum of History and Arts
This unremarkable, remote place near Kharkiv became famous throughout Ukraine and abroad for its unique collection of universally important artwork. The museum, situated in the village Parhomivka, is called the ‘mini-Hermitage,’ and for good reason. Many Ukrainian and European museums envy it for its valuable collection. Over six thousand objects are kept here; among them are Picasso, van Dyck, Be

Ivanova Gora • Poltava (128 km.)
Ivanova Gora
Ivanova Gora • Poltava (128 km.)
The Ivanova Gora (literally: Ivan’s Mount) is virtually a sacral place for Poltava locals: it is city’s historical core, where the whole complex of architectural and historical attractions, each having a status of Poltava’s highlight, is situated. This place is notable for being an excellent observation area that opens wonderful views of the city downtown and its most token structures. The Ivanova
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