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Yalta - Livadia - Gaspra - Miskhor - Alupka - Foros - Ai-Petri - Massandra - Nikita - Gurzuf

The Southern Coast of Crimea (SCC) is probably the most amazing part of the peninsula with picturesque rocks and stone cliffs, small gulfs with transparent waters, fabulous palaces and castles.

The center of the SCC and the starting point for travelling through its marvelous areas is Yalta - one of the most popular and prestigious resorts of the country. Except for wonderful beaches, you should visit here the Museum-House of Chekhov, where the prominent Russian writer created his well-known plays "The three Sisters" and "The Cherry Orchard". Visit the Glade of Fairy-Tales that is occupied by the wooden characters from children's books, and follow it up with the visit of the nearby zoo - "Fairy-Tale". And then you can see one of the most beautiful orthodox temples of Yalta and Crimea - the Cathedral of Alexander Nevsky and the Armenian Church.

When you've got to know the main sights of Yalta, take a route taxi to Livadia. Take a tour around the magnificent Livadia Palace that used to be the residence of the last Russian Imperator Nikolai II, and find out that it was here that in February of 1945 the leaders of the anti-Hitler coalition decided the fate of the postwar world. Afterwards visit Gaspra, where on one of the juts of the picturesque cape Ai-Todor the smallest caste of Crimea found a shelter - Swallow's Nest. Then head for the nearby settlement Miskhor, where you may take a stroll through the most beautiful Miskhor Park with marvelous fountains and sculptures.

Just a ten minutes' ride will take you from Miskhor to Alupka - the small town, where the most original palace and park complex of Crimea - Vorontsov Palace and Museum - is situated. After you have visited the Palace and walked through its vast ancient park, head for Foros. There climb up on the 400-meter high Red Rock and admire the graceful Church of the Resurrection of Christ and the views over the Black Sea coast that open up from the top of the cliff.

From Foros go back to Yalta and take a cableway from there to the top of one of the most famous mountain massifs of Crimea - Ai-Petri. You may spend in this fabulous place half a day or the whole day, if you wish, admiring the wonderful panorama from the observation deck of the Rock Shishko, enjoying the majesty of the highest waterfall in Crimea - Uchan-Su - and discovering the secrets of Trekhglazka Cave. Having got down from the mountains, head for Massandra and visit the legendary wine cellars and, hiding in the woods, Massandra Place that was built for Imperator Alexander III.

It is just a step from Nikita settlement, where the ancient botanical garden is located - one of the most amazing corners of the SCC, famous for its unique collection of plants and trees from all continents masterpiece of landscape art. You may continue the introduction to the natural treasures of Crimea in Gurzuf, where one of the best - in the richness of its flora and its beauty - parks of the peninsula is situated.

Livadia Palace
Swallow's Nest
Vorontsov Palace
Massandra Palace
Nikitsky Botanical Garden