Best Places to Celebrate New Year and Christmas in Ukraine
The New Year and Christmas are the most cherished and the most popular holidays in Ukraine. They are commonly celebrated with lots of fun and to great effect here. The traditional set of the New Year and Christmas entertainments can be found in every corner of the country, but there are destinations in Ukraine, which have an atmosphere that few other places can rival. Without doubt, Ukrainian Car

Top Five Ukrainian Christmas and New Years' Dishes
It is considered that in order to make the forthcoming year full and rich, the New Year’s table has to burst with treats. Therefore, while cooking for major winter holiday, most housewives try to surprise and satisfy the loved ones with number and originality of dishes. We picked five most popular dishes of Ukrainian cuisine that will enrich and adorn any New Year's table. Dressed herring is one

Ukrainian Places Where Wishes Come True
One of the most popular tourist amusements is looking for sites and objects, to which legends and believes attribute supernatural qualities, such as ability to fulfill wishes, in different cities. Today, you can hardly find a tourist who has never polished certain part of a magical statue or has never walked round magical monument three times in the hope that his wish would come true without fail.

The Crimea will become even more attractive for tourists
The Crimean peninsula is already one of the most popular tourist destinations in Ukraine thanks to the striking amount and amazing variety of its sights. And it will soon become even more attractive. New tourist sites and routes for admirers of historical tourism and lovers of comfortable beach recreation will appear in the nearest future. The Crimean (Eastern) War between Russia and the Ottoman E

Temple of Arts: the most beautiful opera houses of Ukraine
Splendid opera houses occupy a special place among numerous magnificent architectural sights, for which Ukraine is renowned. It is not surprising, given that most of them were built in the 19th century, when theater and not cinema had the status of the principal art – the theater was idolized and worshiped in those days, and buildings for musical and dramatic actions were constructed with an appro

An underground museum will appear in downtown Kyiv
Soon a unique underground museum will be opened in one of the Kyiv’s oldest quarters – on Podol. It’ll become a real highlight of Ukraine’s capital. The museum will grant an opportunity to plunge into the life of the ancient city: to walk through ancient quarters, to see life of its residents, to visit medieval market, to watch how ancient Kyiv residents used to protect their city from the Tatar-M

Ukrainian Castles with the Most Interesting Legends
Medieval castles, which have survived on Ukraine’s territory and serve as a vivid illustration of its turbulent history, are reckoned among the most attractive sights in the country. Age-old fortification complexes, which are mostly concentrated in the western region, attract not only with their monumental architecture, interesting history and fascinating energy properties, but also with a kaleido

On the other side of the world: the most intriguing dungeons of Ukraine
Walking along standard tourist routes through one city or another, admiring age-old architecture and natural places of interest, many travelers don’t suspect that no less interesting world with its secrets and fascinating stories hides under their feet. We are talking about many kilometers of catacombs and underground labyrinths that transpierce the majority of old cities and can tell about them n

Amenities of the "Velvet" Season in the Crimea
The majority of Ukrainians and country’s guests traditionally prefer going on vacation in summer and get upset if for some reason their leave of absence falls on autumn. But they do it to no purpose because the autumn recreation, especially if you plan it for the “velvet” season, is not inferior to the summer one. And it is even superior to it in many aspects. You can easily receive evidence of t
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