Chernihiv Music Drama Theater
Theatric troupe was formed in 1926 in Kirovograd, and in 1934 it moved to Chernihiv. Over its long history the theater staged around 200 plays, among which comedies, dramas, tragedies. The creative team of the theater doesn't mark time, it constantly develops, finds new talents and involves young actors in its performances. Nowadays the plays after works by Ukrainian and foreign authors, intended

Zhytomyr Music Drama Theater
Since early times Zhytomyr was famous for its theatrical traditions. Thus, back in the 18th century the public of the town raised the question of building a full-blown theater. In this way, already in 1809 the first stationary troupe appeared in the town. And in 1858 the first stone theater in Ukraine was built here. Even today it remains one of the main decorations of Zhytomyr. There is a Philhar

Vinnytsia Music Drama Theater
The building of the Vinnytsia N. Sadovsky Theater is one of the most beautiful buildings in the town. It was raised back in 1910 in record for those times terms - 11 months. The own troupe appeared in the Theater in 1933, and since that moment the count of seasons is carried out. Initially the theater was intended for opera and ballet, but in 1940 it was transformed into the music drama theater. T