Aleksey Kotsievskiy. Transformations of Vanities

(0482) 34-36-44
Museum of Modern Art, Odesa, Sabanskiy Lane 4-A

Working hours: March 9 - April 4

The canvases by Aleksey Kotsievskiy break the common idea of modern art and its stylistics. The works are carried out in traditional pictorial manner of South Russian School and demonstrate commitment to the classical understanding of techniques. At the same time semantic richness of canvases and multi-aspect reading of exposition as a whole undoubtedly indicate artist's belonging to the modern art.

The exposition "Transformations of Vanities" doesn't baffle even an unprepared spectator. The author invites to enter the dialog, which doesn't suggest mandatory knowledge of the newest tendencies of the modern art. The works evoke emotions and thoughts, touch themes that are topical at all times.

The legend about King Solomon and the famous book "Ecclesiastes" that is ascribed to this character are in the center of author's attention. The author considers the leading questions of existence - birth and death, passion and mind, fleetingness of existence and disappointment in knowledge - through the prism of Ecclesiastes and age-old stratum of legends that layered on the image of the ancient wise man. All works are divided into two groups: fine and nuance line, where poetic images of trees that approach the sky, of variably pouring water and of symbolic human origin interweave in the single semantic sequence, and bright catchy line devoted to the myth about King Solomon.

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