Oksana Mas's Art Installation 'Nations' Altar'

Deribasovskaya St.

Price: admission free
Working hours: 4.30 a.m. - 10 p.m.

In summer 2011, Oksana Mas's famous art installation 'Nations' Altar' presented Ukraine at the prestigious Venetian biannual exhibition.

The unprecedented in its scale and design work of modern art is demonstrated in Eastern Europe for the first time. Five installation's fragments - 12-meter high and 18-meter wide - will be exhibited in Odesa. These are the same fragments that were exhibited in the San Fantin Church and presented Ukrainian project at the Venetian biannual exhibition in 2011.

As the prototype for the installation 'Nations' Altar' was chosen the project 'Post-vs-Proto-Renaissance' - the most unprecedented and large-scale project of the 54th Venetian biannual exhibition (2011), according to jury and press. Ukraine's project 'POST-VS-PROTO-RENESSANCE' was the leader in viewers' liking and the most discussed one in the world media.

Oksana Mas's work recreates the Ghent Altarpiece - the masterpiece of Renaissance epoch by van Eyck brothers. Altar consists of the separate egg-formed wooden elements, where human sins and fears, desires and complexes, dreams and heartwarming feelings are painted. Residents from over 42 countries took part in painting wooden parts: businessmen, politicians, diplomats, culture figures, from prisoners to monks, from children to retirees. Artist believes that everyone, who'll wish and try to understand this artwork, will undergo spiritual and ideological transformation.

Location - the Greek Square (opposite to cafe 'Kompot', facing Deribasovskaya Street).

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