Guzul brynza

"Guzul brynza" is one of the most unusual festivals in Ukraine, which takes place in small Carpathian town Rakhiv. It is traditionally carried out in autumn, when sheep breeders come down from the alpine pastures and arrange holiday of brynza (sheep cheese).

The vivid festival-fair "Guzul Brynza" is devoted to the revival of tradition to make cheese from sheep milk. As brynza is not just type of cheese for Carpathian residents, it determines life and traditions of highlanders. Festival participants believe that making this product is a real art, which has its peculiarities and mysteries, and is passed from generation to generation.

Guests of the holiday will see colorful presentation of life, cultural and culinary traditions of different parts of Guzul region, as well as taste brynza, which as main queen of the festival decorates all exhibition rows. Being a part of life of each commune, it has its inimitable taste. You may also follow the process of preparation of brynza: it is interesting that exclusively men make it!

There are rewarding of manufacturer of the best brynza, determination of the most picturesque ethnographic exposition, absorbing contests and gala-concert among the cultural-entertaining activities.

How to get here. Rakhov is located not far from Lviv and Ivano-Frankivsk. You can get here by train or by bus.

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