The  Exaltation of the Cross Monastery
Built in 1650 on the hill near Vorskla River, the Exaltation of the Cross Monastery is considered to be one of the best samples of Ukrainian baroque architecture and one of Poltava's most interesting sights. However, it's not just a valuable architectural monument - many important historical events are connected with the cloister. In the late 17th century, the monastery was captured and ransacked

The National Historical-Cultural Reserve ‘The Field of the Battle of Poltava’
In the summer of 1709, a battle took place in Poltava. It decided the results of not only the 21-year long Northern War, but also the future of Ukraine, Russia, and Europe. Two hundred years later, the National Historical-Cultural Reserve ‘The Field of the Battle of Poltava’ was created at the place of the battle. Right away, it became the city’s main attraction. It is the only cultural reserve i

Mirgorod • Poltava (375 km.)
Mirgorod • Poltava (375 km.)
The calm and tranquil Mirgorod, spread on the banks of Khorol River, is one of the most admirable treasures around Poltava. Tourists visit this fairytale town to have a good rest, improve their health, admire the rich colors of the nature, to feel the inimitable atmosphere that inspired the great Ukrainian-Russian writer Nickolay Gogol, and to visit the famous Sorochyntsy Fair. And most importantl

Dikanka • Poltava (312 km.)
Dikanka • Poltava (312 km.)
When you enter picturesque Dikanka, located in the north of the Poltavskaya Oblast', you cannot help but wonder how such a great number of natural, architectural, and historical riches can fit in a relatively small space. However, it immediately becomes clear why the great Nikolai Gogol chose this marvelous place as a 'decoration' for scenes of his original works. Shrouded in many legends and mys

Krasnokutsk (Krasnokutsk arboretum)
The name of this little town - one of the oldest in eastern Ukraine - literally means 'picturesque corner' or 'fine side.’ And Krasnokutsk’s peculiar beauties more than justify this name. Solely because of this modest town, the Kharkivska Oblast' became a popular tourist destination. Krasnokutsk’s main draw is the unique arboretum that is officially recognized as a monument of landscape art. Foun

Parkhomivka Museum of History and Arts
This unremarkable, remote place near Kharkiv became famous throughout Ukraine and abroad for its unique collection of universally important artwork. The museum, situated in the village Parhomivka, is called the ‘mini-Hermitage,’ and for good reason. Many Ukrainian and European museums envy it for its valuable collection. Over six thousand objects are kept here; among them are Picasso, van Dyck, Be
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