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Simferopol - Bakhchysarai - Sevastopol - Balaklava - Yalta - Sudak - Feodosiya

The tour "Crimean Mosaic" is a trip through the main cities of the Crimean peninsula, which is called the "world in miniature".

It is better to start the mini-tour through Crimea with Simferopol. Although the Crimean capital is inferior in its tourist popularity to the sea resorts, it is worth staying here at least for the sake of the Central Museum of Taurida with its impressive collection of rare exhibits and for the historic and archeological complex "Naples Scythian". Then, having spent just half an hour on the road, you can get to the former capital of the Crimean Khanate - Bakhchysarai, which has preserved the colour of the Muslim east. In the city itself it is worth seeing the Khan's Palace, and in its outskirts - the "cave" towns Chufut Kale and Mangup Kale, as well as one of the natural wonders of the peninsula - the Grand Canyon of Crimea.

A trip of half an hour more will bring you to the legendary Crimean city - Sevastopol, which is "stuffed" with the most interesting sights. Among them the National Preserve "Tauric Chersonesos", the Grafskaya Wharf and the Panorama Museum "The 1854-1855 Defense of Sevastopol" deserve special attention. Just 15 minutes in a route taxi and you will see one of the most fantastic places of the Southern Coast of Crimea - Balaklava with its wonderful landscapes, ruins of the Cembalo fortress and amazing beaches.

From there, on the road lying along the picturesque Black Sea coast, head for Yalta - the queen of the Crimean resorts. Having luxuriated to your heart's content on its sunny beaches and partaken in its wild night life, make your way to researching Yalta's rich with sights outskirts. Visit the Nikitsky Botanical Garden - one of the most beautiful in the world, - drop at the historical center of the Ukrainian wine-making industry in Crimea - Massandra, take a cableway to one of the most amazing peaks of Crimean Mountains - Ai-Petri. You should also visit the wonderful Imperator's residences - Vorontsov, Livadia and Massandra Palaces - without fail.

From Yalta head for Sudak and swim in the cleanest sea there, as well as visit Genoese Fortress - one of the most grandiose fortification facilities of the medieval Crimea. From there head in direction of ancient Feodosiya. Here it is worth seeing the Armenian Church of the St. Sergiy (Surb Sarkis) and the world's biggest collection of paintings by prominent marine painter Ivan Aivazovsky, which is kept in the National Art Gallery of his name. In Feodosiya you may join an organized tour and enjoy the most mysterious corner of the South-Eastern Crimea - Kara Dag and its main treasure - the Golden Gate.

Chufut Kale
Mangup Kale
Nikitsky Botanical Garden
Vorontsov Palace
Livadia Palace
Massandra Palace
Kara Dag (Karadag Nature reserve)