Kyiv in 4 Days Show on map

The first two days dedicate to the itinerary of the tour ‘Kyiv in 2 Days’.

Set out the third day from the Arsenalna Metro Station. Bare right down Mikhayla Grushevskogo Street until it terminates at the Mariyinsky Park, one of the oldest and the most beautiful parks in Ukraine. Take a promenade along its cozy paths, planted with ancient lindens, maples and chestnuts, glance at the sumptuous building of the Mariyinsky Palace, which now is Ukraine President’s Official Residence. There is an observation deck on the left from the Palace, where you can admire fantastic views of the Kyiv Left Bank, the Dnieper and its islands. Don’t ignore to cross the Sweethearts Bridge, and go inside the Water Museum, located on park territory.

Then cross the road and follow Mikhayla Grushevskogo Street towards Khreshchatyk until you’ll be face-to-face with the National Art Museum of Ukraine. If time allows, go inside to see the largest and the fullest collection of Ukrainian visual arts in the world. If not, just glance up at the monumental neo-Classic building and move ahead to Evropeyska Square. After coming shortly to the elegant National Philharmonic of Ukraine, move towards the park Vladimirskaya Gorka.

Have a walk along the picturesque park alleys, spy majestic monument to the Prince Vladimir and have a rest in the openwork arbour, glancing at the striking views of the Podol and the Left Bank of the Dnieper River. Then, ascend the park upper terrace and have a ride in the funicular, invariable part of the tourist itinerary. In several minutes, you’ll find yourself on Poshtova Square.

Continue your tour from the Poshtova Square on the next day. If time and weather allow, you can walk until the River Port, and embark on a river trip by the Dnieper. Otherwise, continue walking along the riverbank and glance at the Magdeburg Rights Column, constructed at the beginning of the XIX century, and marvelous St. Nicholas’ Church, set on the concrete foundation right over the water. Also, you can head towards Kontraktova Square and continue discovering Podol, the oldest district in Kyiv.

Set out from the Kontraktova Square and go towards The Holy Ascension Florovsky Nunnery. Pausing to admire the unique complex of the convent, head to the Pharmacy Museum, one of the most unusual and interesting museums of the Ukraine's capital. Go inside to see its curious expositions, set your sight on the originally decorated halls, and take advantage of the medicinal tea served at the cozy museum’s fitobar.

Then, visit the National Chernobyl Museum, one of the most emotionally powerful and historically unique places not only in Kyiv, but in all of Ukraine. Afterwards, continue towards St. Cyril's Church, that along with Saint Sophia Cathedral reckoned among the most valuable historical and architectural monuments. It’s worth going inside to see its unique frescoes that survived almost completely since the 12th century, and oil paintings created by the prominent Russian painter Milkhail Vrubel.

You can end your tour at Podol or in the city center, and have a snack at numerous cafes of national cuisine.

Mariyinsky Park and Palace
Water Museum (Water Information Center)
National Art Museum of Ukraine
National Philharmonic of Ukraine
The Park Vladimirskaya Gorka
Florovsky Nunnery
Pharmacy Museum
Chernobyl Museum
St. Cyril's Church