From a bird’s eye view. The best observation grounds in Kyiv

Kyiv is one of the most fascinating and beautiful cities in Europe. If you want to appraise its charm in full, you should admire the breathtaking city scenery and capital’s age-old architecture from a bird’s eye view. Moreover, Kyiv is built on the hills and offers plenty of interesting observation areas. We have selected the most frequently visited observation spots of Ukraine’s capital, which reveal the most beautiful panoramas of the old city.

Park Vladimirskaya Gorka

Stretching on the slopes of the age-old hill in Kyiv’s very center, the park Vladimirskaya Gorka is one of capital's most popular sights. In the first place, it is due to its observation areas, situated on the picturesque terraces. They reveal probably the most breathtaking views of the legendary Podol, the left bank of the River Dnieper and Trukhaniv Island’s landscapes.

Working hours: round-the-clock, every day

Cost of admission: free

Bell Towers of the St. Sophia and St. Michael’s Cathedrals

The best place to admire the historical part of the city is from the bell towers of the St. Sophia and St. Michael’s Cathedrals, which are located opposite to each other. The St. Sophia Cathedral’s belfry’s observation deck is situated on the fourth tier, on the height of 45 meters. The one of the St. Michael’s Cathedral is situated on the third tier, on the height of 35 meters. Both of them reveal views of the namesake squares and Kyiv’s age-old architecture.

Working hours: from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Cost of admission: St. Sophia’s bell tower – 10 UAH; St. Michael’s bell tower – 14 UAH

Druzhby Narodiv Arch

Kyiv’s another popular observation area is located near the Druzhby Narodiv Arch, in the downtown not far from the European Square. It reveals panoramic views of Podol and Obolon, as well as of the central and northern part of the Dnieper’s left bank, in particular the Hydropark and the Trukhaniv Island. Those who want to see Kyiv’s scenery in detail can use the binoculars with 30-fold approximation, situated on the observation ground.

Working hours: round-the-clock, every day

Cost of admission: free; binoculars – 10 UAH per 5 minutes.

Mariyinsky Park

One more Kyiv’s famous observation area is situated in one of the oldest and the most beautiful parks in Ukraine – the Mariyinsky Park. It was arranged near the namesake palace by the order of Russian Emperor’s Alexander II wife Maria, in 1874. Amazing panoramas of Podol, left bank and renowned Dnieper hills can be seen from there. Binoculars are installed at the observation area.

Working hours: round-the-clock, every day

Cost of admission: free; binoculars – 10 UAH per 5 minutes.

Park of Eternal Glory

The observation area, equipped in the Park of Eternal Glory, which lies on the upper and middle Dnieper terraces near the metro station Arsenalna, is very popular among Kyiv’s locals and guests. It is a high, spacious, well-arranged and well-maintained area with a wide viewing angle. It offers wonderful views of the picturesque slopes of the River Dnieper, the golden domes of the Kyiv Pechersk Lavra, the Metro Bridge and a part of the left bank.


Kyiv’s highest observation deck is equipped inside the 102-meter-high sculpture ‘Motherland’ which is the central object of the Museum of the Great Patriotic War. More precisely, there are two observation decks there: the lower one at the height of 36 meters and the upper one at 91 meters. A special elevator inside the monument goes up to both observation decks.

Working hours: from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday is a day off

Cost of admission: 50 UAH to the lower observation deck, 200 UAH to the upper one

Gryshko Botanical Garden

One of the city’s newest and most unusual observation spots is located on the territory of the Kyiv Botanical Garden. It is called Krasny Dvor (Red Yard) and is stylized as the namesake fortress, which used to stand on this place in the Kyivan Rus times. It has wooden gates, paling, low fence, tower and dais, revealing views of the River Dnieper’s left bank, the Paton Bringe and the Darnytsya bridge passage.

This place is especially popular in spring, when lilac and magnolia blossom in the botanical garden.

Working hours: from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Cost of admission: 20 UAH (to the botanical garden)

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