Theater “House of Clowns”
Located in the former cinema Druzhba, the theater “House of Clowns” is a unique cultural project of the famous Odesa-based comic troupe «Maski», one of the most recognizable brands of the Southern Palmira. Today, the decade-old House of Clowns is considered one of the city’s sights and it is popular among Odesa citizens and tourists alike. The original theatrical plays are composed of Italian comm

New Theater on Pechersk
Opened in 2010, the new Drama Theater on Pechersk is situated near the subway station Pecherska and is one of the youngest theater projects in Ukraine. Over the years of it existence the drama theater’s team has staged 26 original plays. Theater’s performances were often prize winners and laureates of the festivals held in Russia, Belarus, Germany, Great Britain, and Sweden.

The Theater on Lypky
Kyiv’s theater on Lypky (The Theater of Young House) is located in Kyiv’s downtown near the subway station Arsenalna. It opened its first theater season in 1924 with staging the Jungle Book on the motifs of Rudyard Kipling’s novel. Now the theater’s repertoire numbers over 30 performances, representing the classical and modern literature: W. Shakespeare, J-B. Moliere, P-O. Beaumarchais, A. Chekhov

The Drama and Comedy Theater on the Left bank
The Kyiv Academic Drama and Comedy Theater on the Left bank of the Dnieper River, stands near the subway station Livoberezhna and is one of the capital’s youngest creative groups. Its history started in 1978, when theater’s team came together for the first time, and a year later the first premiere was held here. In 1990, the theater moved to the new building, which it occupies until now. The Drama

The Young Theater
The Kyiv Academic Young Theater, founded in 1979 as the Youth Theater, is situated in Kyiv’s downtown, not far from capital’s main street – Khreshchatyk. Theater’s building was constructed in the late 19th century and, in different times, sheltered such famous theater troupes as the Young Theater of Les Kurbas and the Theater Berezil. The theater has a lot of original performances to its name, but

The Operetta Theater
The Kyiv Academic Operetta Theater is situated in the original 20th century’s building that is located in capital’s very center, within a few steps from the subway station Olimpiiska. The main principles of the theater team’s creative life are respect for the classical operetta’s heritage and modern approach. Theater’s most famous performances include “Sorochyntsi Fair” by Nikolai Gogol, “For two

Kherson Music Drama Theater
The Kherson Music Drama Theater has rich and long history of existence. Back in 1828 the representatives of the local nobility bought the house of the well-known merchant and equipped it for theatrical performances, which invariably gathered big audience. The team of the theater was always distinguished with peculiar approach to plot writing and staging of the performances. Nowadays the theatric t

Volyn Music Drama Theater
The Volyn Theater that this year opened the 75th season already is considered to be exemplary on the territory of the Western Ukraine. The team was formed on the basis of two wonderful troupes and absorbed the best, most original and peculiar. Now the basis of the histrionic team is experienced masters, who know their business, at the same time the theater is being renewed and invites young talent

Chernivtsi Music Drama Theater
Despite the youth of the creative team of the Chernivtsi Theater, founded in 1940, it was always distinguished with thorough approach to the theatrical performances and professionalism, which could be envied by other theaters. The building of the theater was raised in 1905 and is very different from other constructions of that time. "This is a dream of velvet and gold" as it was characterized by o
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