Panorama Lounge

Kostyurinskiy Lane 2
Type of facility: Restaurant, Nightclub, Karaoke
Price: 200 uah.
Working hours: round-the-clock
Capacity: 550

Panorama Lounge is the only entertainment facility in Kharkiv with panorama view that consists of two layers and is situated in the very heart of the city on the roof of the new business-center. In the daytime it is a luxurious restaurant, the ideal place for business dinners and meetings, and in the evening - a nightclub with big dancing ground, where the loudest parties take place.

Panorama Lounge consists of the main lounge for 150 seats and the luxurious VIP-zone for 30 seats. There are two contact bars with the best bartenders of the city in the main lounge. In the daytime beautiful and relaxing lounge sounds in the facility, and in the evening you may hear all aspects of the House music from the best DJs of Ukraine, Russia and far-abroad. World stars perform on the stage of Panorama Lounge once a month.

Exclusive dishes from European, Japanese and Italian cuisine developed by one of the best chefs of Ukraine are presented in Panorama Lounge. Barbecue, where culinary masterpieces are created at visitors' presence, is located in the main lounge. Only in Panorama Lounge you may try the best marble steaks in town. Moreover, the facility is famous for its vast bar list with the exclusive sorts of alcohol, over 70 kinds of whiskey and elite wine.

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