Monument to Duke de Richelieu
Duke de Richelieu was an eminent personality who played significant role in Odesa's formation and development, and his statue that rises atop the legendary Potemkin Stairs is one of the Southern Palmyra's most famous symbols. The list of de Richelieu's great services to this southern town, which he called the best pearl in the Russia's crown, is endless. Being governor of Odesa and then its govern

The National Natural Park ‘Bugski Guard’
The national park ‘Bugski Guard’ lies in the picturesque valley of the Southern Bug in the Mykolaiv region. It was created quite recently, in 2009, in order to preserve the unique nature and historic-cultural landmarks of southern Ukraine. Soon after it was built, the park gained the status of one of the Seven Wonders of Ukraine. The territory of the ‘Bugski Guard’ is one of the oldest dry land s

Pushkin Museum • Odesa
Pushkin Museum
Pushkin Museum • Odesa
The museum of Russia’s most famous poet Alexander Pushkin is located in the building of the former Hotel du Nord. In the early 19th century, the influential Odesan merchant Sharl Sikar owned the building. It was this hotel that Pushkin stayed in when he came to southern Palmira in 1823, after the Tsar exiled him from Moscow for his freedom-loving ideas. The great Russian poet spent thirteen month

The Kinburns'ka Kosa
This truly unique spit is one of the numerous natural treasures of southern Ukraine. The Kinburns'ka Kosa is the combination of a long sand belt and the peninsula adjoined to it. The Kinburns'ka Kosa is surrounded by the Dnieper-Bug bay on one side, the Black Sea on another, and with the Yagorlytskiy Gulf on the third. This amazing peninsula has been a familiar place over the course of history. O

The Black Sea biosphere reserve
The Black Sea reserve is the largest in Ukraine. It was created in the early 20th century on the picturesque coast of the Black Sea, near Kherson. Its huge territory, which is home to beautiful gulfs, peculiar islands, fabulous groves, sand massif, and deserted steppes, demonstrates the surprising variety of Ukrainian Black Sea landscapes. Unique natural conditions have bestowed upon the reserve

DneproGES • Zaporizhzhia
DneproGES • Zaporizhzhia
This unique hydropower construction is (along with Khortytsia) the symbol of Zaporizhzhia . DneproGES is the oldest hydroelectric power station on the Dnieper River; during its early years, it was the largest in Europe. Today, it is not as powerful as many other hydroelectric stations in the world. However, it remains a familiar construction in Zaporizhzhia that embodies an entire epoch. It is sa

Berezan • Mykolaiv
Berezan • Mykolaiv
This small, uninhibited island in the Black Sea near Ochakiv is one of the most mysterious and enigmatic places around Mykolaiv. It is a part of the historical-archeological reserve ‘Olbia.’ In ancient times, Berezan was a peninsula. On it stood an Ancient Greek settlement called Borysthenes, which is the only settlement of the early period of Greek colonization that has remained in the northern

Resorts (Koblevo, Ochakiv)
Koblevo Koblevo is the largest and most popular resort area on the Mykolaiv coast of the Black Sea. Located there are around one hundred sanatoriums, which are able to satisfy the most diverse tastes and demands of their guests. Because of its idyllic nature and climate – a caressing sun, wide sandy beaches, an azure sea, and clean air aromatized by steppe herbs and coniferous forest - Koblevo be

Zmievka • Kherson
Zmievka • Kherson
Located close to Kherson, Zmievka is the only Swedish village in Eastern Europe. This peculiar settlement is called the Little Europe in southern Ukraine, and it is known as a center of national and cultural diversity. Besides Swedes, representatives of 15 cultural heritages live here, including Germans, Finns, Poles, and Jews. The history of this unusual village began in the late 18th century, w
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