The Potemkin Stairs
The Potemkin Stairs (Potemkinskaya Lestnitsa) – one of Odesa’s trademarks – is rightfully acknowledged as one of the most beautiful staircases in Europe, and Odesa’s residents proudly call it the eighth wonder of the world. This monumental architectural installation, which connects the town center to the port, was created in 1841. Italian architect Francesco Boffo designed it at the request of No

Primorsky Boulevard
Located on a high, steep shore, the Primorsky Boulevard is the heart of Odesa. It is the best place in town to experience its spirit and understand its complicated history. It acts as a facade, meeting southern Palmyra’s guests coming from the sea with dignity and charming beauty. This small, 500-meter (1,640 feet) long street is home to so many architectural attractions that it could truly be ca

DneproGES • Zaporizhzhia (363 km.)
DneproGES • Zaporizhzhia (363 km.)
This unique hydropower construction is (along with Khortytsia) the symbol of Zaporizhzhia . DneproGES is the oldest hydroelectric power station on the Dnieper River; during its early years, it was the largest in Europe. Today, it is not as powerful as many other hydroelectric stations in the world. However, it remains a familiar construction in Zaporizhzhia that embodies an entire epoch. It is sa
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