Shatsky Lakes • Western
Shatsky Lakes
Shatsky Lakes • Western
A scattering of the emerald Shatsky lakes with crystal pure water that are framed in velvet verdure of primeval woods is rightly considered to be one of the Ukraine’s brightest tourist gems. Picturesque landscapes, rich flora and fauna, and mild curative climate make this territory an ideal place for varied recreation and health improvement. The Shatsky lakes are located on the territory of the na

Zakarpattia Museum of Folk Architecture and Heritage
Zakarpattia Museum of Folk Architecture and Heritage, located at Castle Hill’s foot, is one of the most original and interesting museums not only in Uzhgorod, but also in the whole region. This skansen is the oldest museum of such kind in the country and is rightly considered to be the true treasury that keeps unique monuments of Zakarpattia material and spiritual culture. Authentic wooden archite

Nevitsky Castle • Uzhgorod
Nevitsky Castle
Nevitsky Castle • Uzhgorod
The Nevitsky Castle, whose ruins lie on the top of the high mountain in the picturesque Uzh River’s valley, is called one of Zakarpattia many architectural wonders for a reason. Despite the fact that only walls and several towers remained from the medieval castle, it still makes a strong impression on history buffs and romantics who come up here in order to admire charming Carpathian panoramas. Th

Catholic Church of St. George
The elegant Catholic Church of St. George decorates Uzhgorod’s historical center for several centuries already and is one of the most ancient catholic temples in the city. Its high, topped with three domelike turrets building is officially reckoned among the most beautiful and remarkable cultic constructions of the ancient city. Uzhgorod residents owe the appearance of this architectural gem to t

Uzhgorod Castle (Zakarpattia Local History Museum)
The medieval castle standing on the hill in the Uzh River valley is ancient Uzhgorod’s historical heart and its major sight. Despite its venerable age, it is perfectly preserved and is reckoned among the most famous and frequently visited castles in Ukraine. Visiting it allows not only to see the priceless historical and architectural monument, but also to feel the true medieval spirit that soars

Pereni Palace • Mukachevo
Pereni Palace
Pereni Palace • Mukachevo
A small town Vynohradiv lies at the foot of the picturesque Chorna Hora (Black Mount) not far from Mukachevo. It is seldom marked on Ukraine’s tourist map, although, the town is worth visiting, if only for the Pereni Palace standing in depth of the old park. The palace is considered to be one of the oldest samples of Zakarpattia palatial architecture. Members of one of the richest and the most inf

The Holy Cross Cathedral
The majestic Holy Cross Cathedral, proudly standing in the historical city center near the ancient castle, is one of the most beautiful buildings in Uzhgorod that invariably draws attention with its luxurious shapes. This original temple, frequently called city’s architectural treasure, is reckoned among its most interesting sights. Cathedral’s history started in the 17th century, when the Hungari

Fortress Sent-Miklosh • Mukachevo
Fortress Sent-Miklosh
Fortress Sent-Miklosh • Mukachevo
The threatening medieval fortress Sent-Miklosh can hardly compete in its tourist attractiveness with the luxurious and perfectly preserved Palace of Schönborns standing nearby. And therefore, it is only the second most important sight in the picturesque Chinadievo settlement, located near ancient Mukachevo. Meanwhile, the long and bright history, kept by dilapidated walls of the once majestic fort

Catholic Church of St. Anthony (The House of Organ Music)
The unusual building of the former parochial Catholic Church of St. Anthony, and now – The House of Organ Music, is considered to be one of the most interesting and original buildings in Rivne and is reckoned among its key sights. Standing in Rivne’s very center, the Catholic Church of St. Anthony, on par with most city constructions, has tough fate. The first parochial catholic church appeared in
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