Museum of Brewing • Lviv (73 km.)
Museum of Brewing
Museum of Brewing • Lviv (73 km.)
Throughout its history Lviv was renowned not only for its inimitable architecture and excellent coffee, but also for its beer, which caught the fancy of both city’s locals and guests with its high quality and exclusive taste. Therefore, it is no wonder that it was here that Ukraine’s first and only Museum of Brewing was opened, in 2005. The museum is situated in the semi-basement premises on the L

Church of St. John the Baptist (Museum of the Lviv Oldest Monuments)
The Church of St. John the Baptist, located at the bottom of the Lviv High Castle near the Old Market (medieval Lviv’s major trade center), is one of the oldest monuments of architecture in the city. It doesn’t astonish by its grandeur or monumentality, but fascinates by original combination of different epochs and styles, reflected in its appearance. Temple’s history is so old that it is virtuall

City Arsenal (Weaponry Museum)
Due to its strategic location at the intersection of key trade routes of East and West the medieval Lviv was constantly under the scrutiny of invaders, and therefore needed a reliable defense system. The arsenal was one of its elements, along with the castle and encircling fortification line. Its monumental medieval building whose entrance was adorned with an inscription: "The happy town is the on

The Park of Fortifications in Miniature
The Park of Fortifications in Miniature, located in the courtyard of the Potocki Palace is one of the newest sightseeing attractions in Lviv. It was created a few years ago, on the analogy with the outstanding historical miniature parks in Europe. The Lviv Park features mini-models of the most powerful defensive facilities, such as castles, fortresses and churches. They used to stand on the territ

Potocki Palace • Lviv (73 km.)
Potocki Palace
Potocki Palace • Lviv (73 km.)
Wherever you go in Lviv, you are inevitably astonished by its inimitable and varied architecture. However, the Potocki Palace, hiding behind open-worked forged fence on one of the streets that radiate from the main city artery, Svobody Avenue, stands out against the background of majestic ancient buildings, huddling in the downtown. Its elegant building, whose luxurious forms are reminiscent of Fr

Gunpowder Tower • Lviv (74 km.)
Gunpowder Tower
Gunpowder Tower • Lviv (74 km.)
The Gunpowder Tower, standing in Old Town’s heart, is an outstanding monument of the Renaissance military and defensive architecture. Its value is in that it is the only element of the medieval Lviv’s fortification system, which survived in perfect state until now. The tower was raised on the defensive hill that was located outside the city fortifications’ outer line, in the middle of the 16th cen

Lviv Art Gallery (Picture Gallery)
The Lviv Picture Gallery is the largest art museum not only in Lviv, but in the whole Ukraine. Its collection, recognized as one of the richest in the country, numbers about 60 thousand exhibits, including unique works of art, sculpture, graphics, and decorative and applied arts, created by Ukrainian and West European artists in the 14th – 20th centuries. Annually, more than 350 thousand tourists

Lubomirski Palace (Furniture and China Museum)
The building of the former Lubomirski Palace is one of the many gems of Rynok Square’s splendid ensemble. Reckoned among the best baroque secular buildings in Lviv, it is rightly considered to be the most valuable monument of architecture of the 18th century. Currently the ancient palace hosts the Furniture and China Museum’s exposition. The first building appeared here in the 17th century. It was

Pysanka Museum (Kolomyya) • Ivano-Frankivsk (139 km.)
Pysanka Museum (Kolomyya)
Pysanka Museum (Kolomyya) • Ivano-Frankivsk (139 km.)
Situated not far from Ivano-Frankivsk, the ancient town Kolomyya is notable for its vivid history and inimitable colour. However, it is mostly associated with the unique Pysanka Museum – the only museum in the world, whose exposition is devoted to the art of painting Easter eggs. Ukraine has an age-old tradition of decorating eggs with plot or ornamental patterns using wax and special dyes, howev
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