Lviv in Six Days Show on map

Use the itinerary of the tour ‘Lviv in Four Days’ for your first four days in the city.

On the fifth day you can continue getting to know region’s majestic defensive constructions: Zhovkva Castle, which used to be reckoned among the most beautiful and the richest royal residencies in Europe, and Svirzh Castle, which is recognized as the unique monument of medieval fortification architecture. Alternatively, you can return to Lviv’s historical center and take your time strolling through the labyrinth of its ancient streets. Now, you have enough time for not only seeing luxurious age-old buildings from outside, but also for going inside, moreover, most of them have a lot of interesting stuff to offer.

It is worth visiting captivating museums, located in the elegant kamenitsas that surround the Rynok Square. Country’s first post office was opened in Bandinelli Palace more than four centuries ago, and now it is the Museum of Post, where tourists have an opportunity to learn the history of post service and to see truly unique exhibits. If you go down to the building’s basement, you will find the Museum of Glass there. It features original items made of glass by western Ukrainian craftsmen hundreds of years ago, as well as works by contemporary Lviv glassblowers.

Continue your tour through museums by visiting the neighboring Kornyakt’s Palace, featuring luxurious Royal Halls that are decorated in the style of Lviv’s palaces, dated to the 18th – 19th centuries. There you will find the unique collection of ancient furniture, paintings and jewelry that belongs to the History Museum. Then, sneak a look in the Italian yard, where the Chocolate Museum was opened recently. It features about 50 unique exhibits: ranging from tiny chocolate figures to the human-size compositions.

Afterwards, visit the Furniture and China Museum, situated in Lubomirski Palace: look around its collection of antique European and Ukrainian furniture, decorative metal, porcelain and earthenware. And then, head for the Jesuit Cathedral, make a tour through its mysterious dungeons and experience the unique atmosphere of medieval Lviv.

Move ahead to the Stryi Park – one of the oldest and the most picturesque parks in the country – walk along its tidy lanes and admire its splendid landscapes. In the evening, follow up your tour by visiting the famous Lviv Opera House, where you can admire strikingly beautiful and luxurious interiors. There is not only an opportunity to attend a performance in the Opera House, but also to visit it with a guided tour and find out about history and legends of this amazing architectural monument.

Devote the next day to the trip to the best-known health resort in Ukraine and one of the oldest spas in Europe – Truskavets. It rests in a picturesque river valley in the foothills of the East Carpathian Mountains. There you can try for yourself its famous curative mineral waters and walk through the magnificent English-style Park, laid in the downtown.

Bandinelli Palace (Museum of Post)
Museum of Glass
Kornyakt’s House (History Museum)
Museum of Chocolate
Lubomirski Palace (Furniture and China Museum)
Jesuit Church (St. Peter and Paul Cathedral)
Stryi Park
Lviv Theater of Opera and Ballet