Ukraine tops the ranking of the best countries for budget tourism

The competent American finance edition Business Insider has made a ranking of the world’s best countries for tourists who prefer economical recreation. Ukraine has occupied the first place in it. Experts advise visiting Ukraine as soon as possible – before the swiftly developing country rises its prices.

“Ukraine whose name can be translated as ‘the land on the edge’ is the best destination for the travelers with limited budget,” state Business Insider’s journalists. Having visited the country, they were stunned by its unbelievable cultural riches, appealing cordiality and hospitality of local residents, as well as by the fact that an average tourist can live on less than 50 dollars a day there.

The representatives of the American edition were especially surprised by museums’ entrance fees that make up an average of 2 – 3 Dollars, which is almost ten times lower than in Europe. Reporters also noted the low public transportation fare and country’s more than affordable cost of catering: incredibly delicious and hearty traditional Ukrainian dishes usually cost just a few dollars. The same goes for alcohol. According to Business Insider’s authors, locally produced alcoholic beverages pleasantly surprise not only by low cost, but by high quality as well. The cheapest alcoholic beverage is beer: one liter costs a little more than a dollar.

American journalists name country’s huge number of monuments, reckoned among the UNESCO World Heritage Sites, as additional incentives that encourage travelers to visit Ukraine. “Locals are ready to help finding them. One should hurry to visit Ukraine, because the country is developing, and soon a vacation there can greatly increase in price," concludes Business Insider.

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