The Sea Crashes Museum
The unique Sea Crashes Museum that was created several years ago in Malorechenskoye village near Alushta has already become one of the most attractive sights on the Southern Coast of Crimea. It's the only museum in the world that is devoted to the most famous sea tragedies. It is located in the building of very beautiful St. Nicolas Lighthouse Temple. Together they build up a memorial complex to

Nature Museum and Arboretum and Zoo Park of the Crimean Nature Reserve
You don't have to subjugate Crimean Mountains, go down in caves and work your way through dick forests, in order to closer familiarize yourself with Crimean peninsula's inimitable nature, be amazed with its richness and diversity. It's enough, if you visit the Nature Museum and the Arboretum and Zoo Park, created on the Crimean National Nature Reserve's territory. Created in 1923, Crimea's largest

The Central Museum of Tavrida
The best chance to learn about Crimea's centuries-old history, its inimitable nature and peculiar culture is to visit the Central Museum of Tavrida in Simferopol - one of Crimea's largest and most interesting museums. Its extensive collection includes unique archeological findings (Stone Age settlements, Copper and Bronze Age burial vaults and many other) objects of decorative and applied arts, va

Historical and Archeological Museum (Museum of Antiquity)
Kerch's Historical and Archeological Museum is one of Ukraine's oldest museums and has one of the largest collections of unique exhibits from different ages. Therefore, it rightly occupies one of the leading places among Kerch Peninsula's attractions. The Museum of Antiquity - its initial name - was founded in 1826. Due to Kerch's century long and incredibly rich history, at that time its main mis

House-Museum of Voloshin
The unique museum opened in Maximilian Voloshin's - Russian poet and painter - former house is Koktebel's cult place and its key attraction. This hospitable house that used to be meeting and socializing place for creative intelligentsia has preserved Silver Age's wonderful spirit and incomparable charm. The house was built in the early 20th century after Maximilian Voloshin's project and numbered

I.K. Aivazovsky National Art Gallery
The name of the Russian prominent marine painter Ivan Aivazovsky, whose pictorial works are shown in different museums of the world, is strongly tied with Feodosiya's history, and the National Art Gallery of his name is one of the town's main decorations. Its vast exposition has no analogues in the whole world and is situated in the building, where the famous writer lived and worked. Aivazovsky wa

The Panorama Museum 'The 1854-1855 Defense of Sevastopol'
'The 1854-1855 Defense of Sevastopol' is one of the largest panoramas in the world and belongs to the list of the Crimea's most attended museums. This is an eminent work of battle painting and a monumental memorial to the heroism of the Sevastopol's defenders in the period of the Crimean War of 1853-1856. The panorama museum tells about one of the most significant episodes of the 349-day long defe

Malakhov Barrow • Sevastopol
Malakhov Barrow
Malakhov Barrow • Sevastopol
The memorial complex 'Malakhov Barrow' occupies a special place among the huge number of historical monuments, for which Sevastopol is famous, and is one of the most popular town's sights. It is almost 100-meter high hill at the Korabelnaya Storona - in one of the town's most ancient districts that was a battle place of two fierce combats. During the Crimean War of 1853 - 1856 Kornilovsky bastion

The Museum of the Black Sea Navy
The Military and Historic Museum of the Black Sea Navy is one of the oldest military and historic museums and is considered to be unique speaking of its significant collection of relicts and exhibits that are connected with the history of the Black Sea Navy. In 1869 the idea of museum's creation came to the participants of the heroic defense of Sevastopol during 1854-1855, who wanted to immortaliz
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