Monastyrsky Island • Dnipro
Monastyrsky Island
Monastyrsky Island • Dnipro
Enfolding its main hill in crescentic embrace, the legendary Monastyrsky Island is Dnipropetrovsk's urban nucleus and undoubtedly most mysterious and romantic sight. The island is part of Dnipropetrovsk's largest park complex - Shevchenko Park - and is the favourite relaxing place for locals and an interesting tourist sight for city's guests. The Monastyrsky Island's history is uncertain, and ther

The Transfiguration Cathedral
Situated at the town's historical center, the majestic, striking with its strict beauty Transfiguration Cathedral is Dnipropetrovsk's symbol and belongs to Ukraine's prominent cultic buildings. This magnificent temple is the brightest architectural monument in classicism style and remains Dnipropetrovsk's true adornment for almost two centuries already. The first stone in the Cathedral's foundatio

The Museum-Mansion of Ivan Kotliarevsky
A lot of sights in Poltava are connected with the name of the classical Ukrainian writer and dramatist Ivan Kotliarevsky who lived the greater part of his life and created his most famous works here - among them the prominent poem 'Aeneid'. His Museum-Mansion at the town's historical center near the Assumption Cathedral is one of Poltava's most picturesque and most visited sights. The real mansion

History Museum • Dnipro
History Museum
History Museum • Dnipro
Founded in 1849, Dnipropetrovsk's History Museum is among the oldest and the largest Ukrainian museums. Initially it was called 'The Public Museum of Catherine's Governorate' and was situated in the Potemkin Palace. Today its impressive collection is located in the building that is the most interesting architectural monument of the early 20th century. Museum's first exhibits were various antiquiti

The Assumption Cathedral
At Poltava's historical center - on the Ivanova Gora, where town's key historical and architectural sights are gathered - the magnificent building of the Holly Assumption Cathedral is particularly notable. Today it is one of the main Orthodox temples in the region. In the late 18th century, the Cathedral was built on place of wooden church that stood on the territory of Poltava's fortress and beca

The Round Square (Corps Garden)
Situated at the town's very center, the Round Square with the picturesque Corps Garden is the heart of Poltava. Its original ensemble - distinctly reminiscent of the Palace Square in St. Petersburg - is among Ukraine's most famous architectural complexes in Russian classicism style. The Square was founded in the early 19th century at the suburban wasteland, where the Market Square used to locate.

The  Exaltation of the Cross Monastery
Built in 1650 on the hill near Vorskla River, the Exaltation of the Cross Monastery is considered to be one of the best samples of Ukrainian baroque architecture and one of Poltava's most interesting sights. However, it's not just a valuable architectural monument - many important historical events are connected with the cloister. In the late 17th century, the monastery was captured and ransacked

Donbas Arena • Donetsk
Donbas Arena
Donbas Arena • Donetsk
In 2009, Donetsk acquired one of its brightest attractions - ultramodern five-star stadium 'Donbas Arena', which is situated in the picturesque park at the city's center. Not just football fans, but mere tourists, who heard a lot about its beauty and originality, rush to see this peculiar building in Donetsk. Today 'Donbas Arena' for 50 000 seats is one of the best stadiums in Europe and the firs

Forged Figures Park • Donetsk
Forged Figures Park
Forged Figures Park • Donetsk
Donetsk is officially recognized as one of the best blacksmith cities in Europe and is the only post-Soviet city that is full-fledged member of the Ring of European Cities with Iron Works. Therefore, it's no wonder that the unique Forged Figures Park - the only one in the Old World - is located here. It's a true outdoor museum of blacksmith art and one of the most interesting Donetsk's sights. The
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