National Museum of Ukrainian History
The National Museum of Ukrainian History, located in the Kyiv's historical center, on the Starokyivskaya Mount, is reckoned among the most interesting and the most attended ones in the Ukraine's capital. It is considered to be one of the country's principal museums considering the volume and value of its funds. It is the true treasury of the unique historical and cultural relicts of Ukrainian peop

Kyiv National Museum of Russian Art
The National Museum of Russian Art, located in the ancient manor near the famous Shevchenko Park in Kyiv, is one of the largest and most interesting ones in the capital. Its unique collection that numbers over 12 thousand works of painting, sculpture, graphics, and decorative and applied arts is considered to be the third most important collection after the ones of the Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow

Landscape Alley • Kyiv
Landscape Alley
Landscape Alley • Kyiv
The Landscape Alley is without exaggeration one of the brightest and the most special areas in the Ukraine's capital. Hidden in the cozy yard in the Old Kyiv's very center, it is the favourite strolling place for Kyiv residents and the true magnet for capital's numerous guests, who always list this uncommon sight in their tourist itineraries. The Landscape Alley draws not only with its picturesque

St. Vladimir Cathedral
The monumental St. Vladimir Cathedral that stands opposite to the capital's Botanical Garden is reckoned among the most beautiful temples in Kyiv. Built by the best architects and painted by the prominent artists of their time, it is rightly considered the true work of art having high artistic value. It is not only Ukraine's capital's token cultic building, but one of its most fascinating architec

Park "Kyiv in Miniature"
The Park "Kyiv in Miniature" standing in the picturesque place on Dnieper River's bank is one of the most original parks in Ukrainian capital. It's a real outdoor museum, where the unique collection of small-scale models of the Kyiv's most famous architectural constructions is gathered on the territory of almost two hectares. Created in 2006, it has already managed to become the favourite recreati

The international center of the contemporary art PinchukArtCentre, located at Kyiv's historic center, is Ukraine's capital's cultural pride. It's the largest exhibition area not only in Ukraine, but in the whole Eastern Europe. Large-scale personal and group exhibitions, seminars and master classes of prominent modern artists are regularly carried out here. On the one hand, PinchukArtCentre introd

National Botanical Garden
Kyiv is rightly considered one of the greenest cities in the Old World. Located in the city line, National Botanical garden serves as a vivid evidence of this. It is reckoned among the largest botanical gardens in Europe, judging by its territory's size and plants' variety. Striking with its amazing landscapes, juicy colors and riot of fragrances, it is the true oasis of beauty and harmony for Kyi

St. Nicholas Roman Catholic Cathedral (House of Organ and Chamber Music)
Spectacular building of the St. Nicholas Roman Catholic Cathedral, jutting out into the sky with two slender towers, is one of the most unusual and beautiful buildings in the Old Kyiv. Raised in untypical for Ukraine's capital Neo Gothic style, it significantly stands out against the background of other buildings at the city's downtown and inevitably amazes Kyiv's locals and guests. The need for a

National Art Museum of Ukraine
The National Art Museum of Ukraine, located at Kyiv's very center, ranks among the oldest and the largest art museums in the country. Its impressive collection - the largest and the fullest collection of Ukrainian visual arts in the world - is rightly considered the true treasury of Ukraine. The Art Museum was founded by representatives of Ukraine's intelligentsia back in the late 19th century as
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